Alex Jones: “Are We Seeing The Spark to Start World War 3?


Claims Russian military air strikes Libya did not happen Paul Joseph Watson http : / / March 2, 2011 The …


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  1. danporn says:

    It's absolutely impossible to start WW3, because WW2 isn't even over, yet. Everyone who doubts that fact is of course invited to come up with the link/copy of a peace contract (which doesn't exist) between the Axis (Germany, Italy, Japan = called "enemy states") and the 52 Allied countries, which are still legally in a state of war. Who ever refuses to believe in that, should for a beginning read articles 53 and 107 of the UN Charta, which are the reason the UN (still) even exist!

  2. Bill Woollam says:

    Please take the time to read my web blog titled "How The World Works – Two Videos by Bill Woollam" Just Google that

    You think Libyans had it bad? Wait until the banks are all privatized by the International banking cabal who have fomented this revolution.

    Go to my other blog titled "The Battle For Libyan Oil Fields by Bill Woollam" google that.

    I guess Libyans believe paying 14 cents a litre is living in hell? Wait until the Western oligarchy take complete control of the oil, then $5 gallon

  3. @Chidanandaji
    Are you retarded? Petrol price vs. fearing for your life…either those Libyans REALLY value their transportation, or you are a fucking moron.

  4. I am Libyan with family there now and know BEYOND A DOUBT that that scumbag DID start attacking the Libyan people.

    The British did not control Libya, Alex Jones is a fucking moron who has bought into the anti-imperialist wave that Ghaddafi rode in on in the late 1960's. Ghaddafi is a master of propaganda and always has been. Putin and Ghaddafi have always been butt buddies, he identified himself with the USSR when it was at odds with the US and has supported the Russians fiercely since then.

  5. @screwthenews
    How can the Libyans "kick the rebels out of their country" when the vast majority of Libyans ARE these so-called "rebels"?

    The sheer stupidity of you Ghaddafi supporters never ceases to amaze me.

  6. @screwthenews

    "those people"=Libyans currently in Libya. I'm a Libya who clearly is not in Libya (as I have internet access, duh). You're so caught up in youer theories you don't even know woh to call a jerk anymore–apparently I am a random jerk who is crapping on Libya AND the US! At the same time! Whose side am I on then, according to you? LOL.

  7. hannahr77 says:

    Ghaddafi is a Jew so I have heard is the true?

  8. his grandmother on one side is supposedly Jewish so there is a Jewish side to the family..not that that matters though

  9. ColdBoi says:

    @TheCrisisFish You just took a statement as fact.

  10. ColdBoi says:

    Collateral damage is nothing more than a euphemism for state-sponsored mass murder.

  11. droid4D says:

    I really praise you Alex Jones thanks for speaking for the people because you know this nation is screwed.

  12. PAID says:

    @nicko198718 fuel in new zealand is $2.20 a litre, wait until you have to pay that, fuel prices go up, more people drive off without paying, then they lock the pumps, pay and then pump, give it another year, it'll happen here in Oz

  13. nicko198718 says:

    @m6000000 i lol'd guess which country USA attacking next then

  14. nicko198718 says:

    @ACEENTERTAINMENT09 not doughting that man

  15. @nicko198718 its over $1.80 where i live in oz

  16. DawgBlog says:


  17. JESUS Lover says:

    Christ will rapture His saints

  18. JESUS Lover says:

    Well it just might at that.

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