Alex Jones Exposes George Soros, Illuminati, New World Order,Infowars 2015 January


INFOWARS- Alex Jones brakes down George Soros Working Evil Strategies In opposition to Humanity. New Earth Buy Connected Conspiracy Radio January 2015 !!!


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  1. Glenn B says:

    it's like he's so old and crooked,he can't think of anything else to do with his time.Just his way of still feeling important.

  2. The NWO is the same thing like the police force order wake up people we don't need the police we just need some love..

  3. I have had this discussion w my significant other, a 40 yr retired police officer /chief and we have thought the exact thing is happening as AJ said here-was this in jan 2015-over a year ago?? WoW!

  4. Ale H says:

    Everything Jones said is coming true now.

  5. Meags Dekkar says:

    l would like to Dr. Sebastian Gorka and George Soros debate.

  6. teatime90 says:

    Ukraine became independent in 1991

  7. Alex Jones isn't playing around anymore people

    He's going in and dropping his load on these people

  8. Clown Earz says:

    black floors, black walls, black mirrors…
    that is pretty fuckin hardcore lol

  9. jay45ecp says:

    george soros is a piece of shit, good job Alex.

  10. Mi at says:

    Great vid.  Rename soros skull.

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