Alex Jones Listener Calls In: Are We On The Brink of World War 3?


A listener called to ask if Infowars Alex Jones is correct in his assessment of World War 3 is around the corner . … This clip from the Report of the majority, live …


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  1. Alex 'Jim' Jones predicted world war III back in 2008. It is mind boggling that there are millions of people who suffer from the same paranoid delusions.

  2. Little Pinky says:

    Lol they've been screaming about WW3 since the 90's. Don't forget FEMA camps lol.

  3. october??? i hope is after halloween, it´s my favorite holyday

  4. jbcomics says:

    well back in 2011 we were also on the brink of WWIII. Alex Jones is a charlatan.

  5. styzor says:

    haha NOOOOOOOOO ;D

  6. Alex Jones counts his money whilst his viewers buy his books and snake oil products. Like the man said "a fool and his money are soon parted".

  7. Jafafa Hots says:

    I turn 50 in October. Obviously the world WILL end.

  8. sam is moron and a liberal fucktard

  9. After stoking the fires of fear and various boogeymen for a lifetime he will retire a rich man, flush with cash from his loyal followers who will move onto the next baseless fear monger-er. Invest in Reynolds Wrap, it is only a few more months until we have to cover our heads to prevent the government tones from infecting us all. Oh caller, by the way the "man behind the curtain" is the union employee waiting for the show to end so he can mop up.

  10. Alex Jones listeners are marks.

  11. An Alex Jones listener… AND!!!… a Sam Seder listener?!?!? Never would have believed it, well… until you started going as crazy about the efficacy of Black Lives Matter grade school class clown stunts as Alex Jones does about the New World Order!!! Yep… never would have believed it until then!

  12. oh you sheeple, blissfully unaware…..

  13. marisafari says:

    alex jones gets his "insider" info from RT and then peppers his show with david icke shit for his conspiritard followers

  14. Conservatives love fear it's like a drug to them.

  15. Conservatives love fear it's like a drug to them.

  16. Steve G says:

    This video gave me a new term.  I love it.  "The man in front of the curtain."  When plutocrats literally just bribe our leaders into office to do their bidding, why does there need to be a conspiracy?  They're doing the exact thing we're accusing them of doing while they're right in front of us.

  17. I'm so sick of these "we're gonna have WW3/armageddon within a few years" asshats! Those fuckheads need to get a life.

  18. morris adams says:

    zionist jew prick

  19. MsFalseface says:

    nuclear war has already happened, and were all ghost on a ghost planet, caught in a continuous time loop..funny how it all got started when china embarked on a mission to land the first man on the sun..winter should be a perfect time when every thing is nice and cool there, probably still need plenty of sunscreen and bottled water though …exploring for oil is to commence immediately

  20. tarstarkusz says:

    It is kind of odd that Russia started bombing the US armed/backed rebels in Syria right in the beginning of October.

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