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Alex Jones speaks with Sean Stone about Bohemian Grove, Stanley Kubrick’s one of a kind psychic insight into the illuminati, and the legitimate face of Satan in an uncensored discussion on Buzzsaw. From the secret reality that could get him killed, to the growing access of AI and the singularity–we go in deep on the highest amounts of energy and their esoteric thirsts for lust and energy. Bloodlines, alternate proportions and realities, and the necessity for reality amongst humanity is all revealed listed here.

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Alex Jones is internationally identified by quite a few as a trailblazer of new media and an icon of the burgeoning liberty motion. Starting at the tender age of twenty, Jones released an accessibility tv present which inside of a calendar year led to him scoring a very rated week night time radio present in Austin, Texas.
The Alex Jones Demonstrate is now syndicated on above 160 stations across the region and routinely breaks big stories in addition to featuring some of the most insightful and information creating company from across the entire world. Jones is committed to libertarian and constitutionalist tips, in addition to what he has coined “1776 around the world” – endorsing a legitimate tradition of liberty, transparency and liberty on a planetary scale to empower humanity, although vehemently opposing Agenda 21 and the globalist danger to nationwide sovereignty.
As the dinosaur mainstream media enters terminal decrease, has soared to turn into a single of the most outstanding information web sites on the Online, beating the likes of in terms of website site visitors. In addition, Jones’ day by day radio present often tops twenty million viewers a week, crushing mainstream media for viewers share on a typical foundation.

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00:01 Welcoming Alex Jones to Buzzsaw.
00:57 Initiation to the entire world of esoterica and conspiracy–from Bohemian Grove to the large Faustian offer.
05:13 Threats or warnings right after trespassing? Authorized bloodlines, and gentle bearers.
08:22 Stanley Kubrick’s daughter Vivian, EYES Huge SHUT, the impact of the illuminati, and psychic energy of the world’s greatest director.
13:24 The lacking 25 minutes of EYES Huge SHUT, and techniques off the document.
14:fifty four Paving the way for a New Globe Buy, and the legitimate face of Satan.
21:00 The AI is presently in manage, and it is greater than you believe.
21:57 Many thanks and goodbye.


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  1. Wow, Sean Stone is handsome 🙂

  2. You sound like you in a fishbowl brah.

  3. DT Hellland says:

    what happnd to shelley duvall?  is that real or hoax/joke?

  4. Kubrich was a psychic, dude wtf…ahhahahaha

  5. it speaks all thru the bible when they restore god back in they're lives in Israel they allways tore down the groves and the high places where they sacrificed to baphomet same thing in bohemian grove it has to be torn down for god yahwe

  6. Kubrik more than psychic was a genious and a visionary

  7. A Merry Kin says:

    The world we live in has a duality nature. Where Yin meets Yang, and only the strongest survive.
    But the universe we exist in is a trinity creation. And we must be strong in our faith, and base our beliefs and actions according to The Creator's wants and needs.

    Opening portals to different deminsions has nothing to do with the trinity and can only trap you in duality.

    'Narrow is the way,
    which leadeth unto life.'

    Trusting Jesus is the answer, no matter the problem, Jesus cares and is willing and more than capable of helping. Speaking to Jesus helps, and also singing hyms helps the Holy Spirit connect deeper within. Blessed are those waking up to this mad mad world and asking Jesus to help.

    Amen Alex, I believe you trust in Jesus, And God Our Father I pray that you will help Alex put all of his trust in Him.
    In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen!

  8. kubrick filmed the moon landing

  9. Dale Hilton says:

    listening to this shit helps me sleep better than a valium.

  10. Dale Hilton says:

    Alex you didn't inftrate Bohemian Grove,you were invited,probably gargled spunk with the rest of the scumbags In that cess pit of gay sex…

  11. MrJanizPetke says:

    Bill Hicks and his fake voice

  12. jadbiz says:

    god bless Alex Jones

  13. Alex is so spot on, on so many levels, despite what many say about him. whether he is a gatekeeper, controlled opposition or not, he touches the depths of what so many haven't even scratched the surface of, & he puts so many of the puzzle pieces together, in a way that the vast majority couldn't come close to grasping. The rabbit hole runs so incredibly deep…& wide, & I would not completely discount what he has to say. He cannot be ignored & placed to the side, & Sean's vast amount of interviews, w/ so many, truly help in opening our eyes to the true picture of this malevolent matrix of enslavement, that we have arrived here for, to take our part in. If we truly wake up, life could be awesome, beyond our wildest imagination, for ALL on Planet Earth. Truth is mos def, stranger than fiction. As a matter of fact, the truth is that we are living in one big Babylonian type fiction. Makes one's head spin…right off. imho. Up to us, & other benevolent beings, in privileged positions, how this all develops, going forward. What awesome times we all share in. Let's play are part, in the un-enslavement of Humanity, & true liberty, Sovereignty & Freedom, as we were meant to be…Empowered, respect for self & each other, & united, as one, in ACTION. This is my most profound intention for all of the sanctity of Life…Our Life…One.

  14. Cottard Remy says:

    Do you hear him crying and screaming being burnt alive sacrificed

  15. He does talk bollocks this bloke jones.

  16. …2:33…a hundred years ago the Republicans were the liberals…

  17. There's often bad sound on the really important talk and messages, they always make sure of that 'interference'…

  18. c bones says:

    Both blown away and confused as hell?

  19. Again Alex Jones tells us all how much he knows but can't say anything! What a surprise…


  21. give us the dope on Yoko and Sean!

  22. He's been saying the same shit for 20 years and nothing has happened.

  23. iiiiiii says:

    Bohemian grove is like what God commanded the Israelites to do Alex?Or what God commanded Abraham???You are really screwed up man. Then you think the God of the  bible is satan?   There aint no way you are Christian.All you do is spread satanic knowledge.If you were with God you would be spreading the word of GOD, not the words and ideas of satan. Daniel 2:44 “And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.

  24. Alex is the ultimate interview.

  25. Mohammed Ali says:

    bottom line is there's no harm in just being good and doing good for others.. how can the oppressors (elite) sleep at night

  26. Alex Jones is a walking fallacy ….

  27. Forty1Second says:

    Alex breaks this shit down so well in only 20 minutes! Yet the haters and homos find a way to diss him anyway!
    I'm not a huge fan of him myself but good information is good information!

  28. I thought you might have asked Alex about the clone centers Sean. Missed your chance, uh?

  29. dhalsim1 says:

    Sounds like he's talking through a megaphone.

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