Alex on the Siener van Rensburg and World War 3


Nikolaas van Rensburg predicted the first, second and Third World War. According to his views the White South Afrikaner boers would get help from Imperial …


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  1. Youre spot on! Im glad to see foreigners being aware of our peril here in South Africa and seeing the bigger world picture of these things happening.

  2. Vir Volk, vir God en Vaderland!

  3. Götterdämmerung!
    We will rise again!

  4. Very interesting. It would be good to know a time frame for these things to happen.

  5. +NaturalNobility
    There are numerous passages where he spoke of Germans & Germany quite specifically, not "Imperial Germans" or Germans from elsewhere.
    Loyal Germans raised an Army in Secret once before, after WWII, nobody really knows what happened to it, it's probably still functional at an Organizational level albeit at a much smaller scale, they can/will & probably are doing it again as the situation with the muslims in Europe deteriorates.

    I wish to show you 3 passages which I think point strongly to Angela Merkel rather than the author's belief that it is Margret Thatcher & I will give you my interpretation :

    1) 12th December 1918:
    A straw hat appears in Europe and then a woman with blue eyes appears and she dons the hat.

    "Straw Hats" are woven together from individual strands, this can be seen as the European Union woven together from individual Nation States.
    Merkel also has Blue Eyes.
    Siener makes no mention of a woman donning a hat for England but one for Europe!

    2) 10th June 1919:
    A white lady’s hat appears in Europe.
    (At this time a woman will take over power in Europe—note that the Seer refers to Europe and not England. This vision does not point to Maggie Thatcher). *(Authors interpretation)

    3) 5th May 1921:
    A woman flees from a house standing in the east.
    Siener always references a "House" when he speaks of Government or Parliament, in this instance the "Woman Fleeing from the House" is a female head of State having to resign from Government.
    The way I see it, Merkel that Jewess will either resign in disgrace or be forced from office when the Real Germans stand up again….And very soon

  6. There have already been MURDERED more than 85,000+ white people in brutal GENOCIDAL attacks UNDER THE COMMUNIST ANC’S in South Africa. It barely gets media coverage in Europe because of the communist zionist press.

  7. MrWotan109 says:

    Goeie werk Alex. :)

  8. “Van Rensburg said all these things would go hand- in-hand with a resurrection of racial uprisings throughout the world. It will
    start in Europe, he warned, and then spread throughout the rest of the world.
    At first the Westerner in Europe withheld himself from making any distinction between his white heritage and that of other nations. However, Van Rensburg said that when they become overrun by ‘aliens’, their aspirations for the ‘preservation of the whites’ cannot be stopped any longer.

  9. So Mandela is portrayed as an anti-white activist? 9:35. Fact is black population in this country have been oppressed for centuries. This makes me doubt the veracity of this prophet of yours who condones the ill treatment of the native, rightful owners of the land in favour of settlers. I wonder what god what he praying to. I think its best that the Afrikaans community abandons all divisive beliefs and join hands with the rest of South Africans and forge a future a non-racial, non racial supremacist South Africa together…

  10. flauwegeit says:

    I can see how your racist stance makes sense from your point of view, being an afrikaner, but the way I see it is, that my forefathers, the dutch, invaded south africa, a land that was not theirs to begin with. they inflicted death and slavery on the blacks for ages, something you conveniently leave out. The rest is kind of true, I see the EU as an evil communist force, wrecking europe

  11. shaun porter says:

    The Boer shall rise again. Just as Germany will take its rightful place on the world stage.

  12. Skokkend as ek kyk wat nou in Duitsland aangaan.

  13. Wotan mit uns, sieg heil!

  14. Vir die mense wat nog nie gehoor het van die suidlanders nie raak betrokke berei voor vir die moeilike tye en sluit aan by die suidlanders.

  15. Siener saw XXI and XXII centuries …medium with powers like old bushmen dreaming whar cattle doing 3 days in advence…

  16. Juan Olivier says:

    Die probleem met sy visioene is dat al het dit van God gekom is dit so simbolies jy weet nooit regtig wat dit beteken nie.

  17. Jonahexx13 says:

    Who did nicolaas say was going to rise up and lead the aryan people? Did he say he was going to be a man of medium height? How did this man look like? Where will he come from and when will he appear? Does this future Fuhrer have a name ?? Or did Nicolaas not want to give the identity of this man due to the fact that the elite will kill him in our present time? Plz Answer my question comrade asap.

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