Alien Transformers Descend On America


by Zen Gardner

Over the top does not describe it. Corporo-fascism falls short. Even police state is only two-dimensional.

Oligarchical dystopian cryptocracy? Maybe. Shadow government starts to give the feel.

It’s just a plain weird type of bad.

But limited terms of the past that imply some kind of conventional societal dynamics at play are now obsolete. We’ve moved into a new dimension and we need to see this planetary change for what it is: a full scale takeover by virtual external forces out for the total subjugation of planet earth.

It’s flat out war on humanity.

The Fast and Furious Totalitarian Rollout

Hillary C. is happily piloting much of this international totalitarian insanity. Championing not just Afghan and Iraqi wars, Libyan, Syrian and Iranian invasions and other murderous forays in the region and anywhere in the world, ol’ miss CFR is sucking up to any and every Illuminati think tank proposal and potential job upgrade she can.

Worse yet, the American freemasonic Capitolian Hill is generating an inundating tidal wave of oppressive controls at home at the same time. And without a whimper of protest.

Look what we’ve seen transpire in the past few weeks: The NDAA Bill which imposes virtual martial law on America now includes censorship-freak Lieberman’s disgusting Enemy Expatriation Act. And now they just rolled out the Bureau of Counter-terrorism that admittedly wants to tightly network the policing and surveillance activities of the entire flipping world!

All this while FEMA camps are openly staffed for some unknown reason, drones are employed on American soil, and Homeland Security gets an upgrade to start random checkpoints around the country!

Enough evidence? There’s plenty more of this insanity.

Are We Now Down to Brute Force?

Reasoning obviously isn’t a factor any more. The mind controlled public sways like seaweed in a tidal pool. And the manipulators know it. The sedative has taken effect and they can begin their crude, surgical operation. The patient is clearly sound asleep.

But not me, nor many of us. We’re wide awake and you ain’t touchin’ nothin’ on us, you goddamned bastards.

Check your oppression at the door. You’re time is up. We ain’t takin’ it and you can officially go f**k yourselves.


– Zen

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  1. Douglas Swaringen says:

    Isaiah 26:20-21 “Come, My People, enter into your rooms and close your doors behind you; hide for a little while until indignation runs it’s course. For behold, The Lord is about to come out from His place to punish the inhabitants of the Earth for their iniquity; and the Earth will reveal her bloodshed, and will no longer cover her slain.” Rev. 18:4 (Babylon) “Come out of her My People that you may not participate in her sins and suffer her plagues with her. . .”

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