Alien Uprising – UFO Trailer


It started off with a blackout, all electric power and communications down. Hrs later on metropolis sized UFO’s invade the world’s skies. Then the war commenced…

5 buddies try to navigate their way to survival amidst deteriorating chaos as the entire world descends into terror and anarchy for the duration of an alien invasion and interstellar war.

Hawthorn Productions Existing UFO

Composed and Directed by Dominic Burns

Produced by Andy Thompson, Tim Major, Dominic Burns, Alain Wildberger

Starring Bianca Bree, Sean Brosnan, Simon Phillips, with Julian Glover, with Sean Pertwee and Jean Claude Van Damme

Also Starring Jazz Lintott, Maya Grant, Joey Ansah, Andrew Shim, Peter Barrett, Amelia Linney, Raji James, Perry Fitzpatrick, Forbes KB, Robert Stone


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  1. dede9806 says:

    anyway… they're here for the cows.

  2. cjohnnyblack says:

    We already have the Juze.

  3. Eddie T says:

    jean claude van damme.

    ma niggah ma niggah…

  4. JamesTBond says:

    "Maybe they're explorers, why do you assume they're here to fight?"
    Cortez and Pizarro were explorers too…

  5. eon6969 says:

    sex is essentially

  6. Chris Jones says:

    Why would the aliens even come down to Earth. They would just bombard us from orbit for however long it'd be necessary. Then when were properly bloodied up they would then send it drones and such to take out the rest, or maybe a combo of the two. Kind of like Iraq in the early nineties, but on a much more lethal and efficient means,

  7. Yuurekk says:

    Idiot. Of course people like war. In the non-war generation, people need it, so they create it with the tools provided.

  8. mangarific1 says:

    you deserve a medal.

  9. Kaiba Uchia says:

    this was a good movie, plot and everything was ok.. acting on the other hand was meh 🙂 , but good enough .

  10. Hate Tank says:

    Good go with them. Your type would not last in any type of live or die situation. No one wants to watch a hippie ass love story of aliens that come down from space and give us free sex. But then again, im sure your dumb ass would be first in line. Not to mention get a F'n life. One hour spent looking up trailers? lol, no wife or GF eh?

  11. OZ Dunstan says:

    give me ur address and I will send to them

  12. Viccy Que says:

    Van Damme in the movie? Confirmed watch.

  13. Kirk Hill says:

    Take a look at 2:02, to me it looks like there are TWO alien races fighting. Which to me means that this is ether one of two scenarios. One, An alien race shows up at earth with the intent of conquest, then a second alien race arrives with the same idea, and they start fighting as a result. Two, the first alien come to earth with conquest in mind, however a second alien arrives with the intent of stopping the first one and protecting earth and through extension, mankind

  14. Check out district 9, this is about aliens where the emphasis is not on war, district 9 is a good film.

  15. Irfan Baloch says:

    well the hint is that our Nobel peace prize winning president is gearing for yet another war in Syria

  16. wanna see the aliens itself too. space crafts can be easily done with computer graphics..

  17. Kaos Warrior says:

    Movies and any other cultural element only reflect the time when it's made. It's not about entertaining "toasted brains", people have "reality" TV and similar garbage for that! It's about the drums of war pounding, from every corner or earth the sound is getting higher, dictators, fundamentalists, psychos, ignorant fucks everywhere pounding the drums and ready to destroy the civilized society that opress their primitive brains!

  18. marianp11y says:

    also for a good makeup :)))))

  19. RalphMarx says:

    Agreed on teh subject matter, but most of us just like the war scenes. It's stupid yes, and common, yes. But it doesn't excuse the rampant bad script writing. Mind you watch , the 1980s V-Series which was all about the politics of alien to human interaction, beautifully written. Give it a shot

  20. Wow! Didn't expect that Jean Claude Van Dam to show up at the end of the trailer.

  21. bzutzut says:

    Finding My Way Home

  22. MegaVikingen says:

    I'm guessing the pickup line was "We might be extinct tomorrow. Let's have sex."

  23. Alex Gia says:

    this is BS. we all know aliens only attack NY >_>

  24. SaurierDNA says:

    Aliens are here for peace. If they would be here for war… we would not be watching YouTube.. But to understand this you have to raise your IQ

  25. more mind control shit. happy days.

  26. In a democracy, we have this wonderful ability to transpose the war in our imagination and in particular the art of cinema. It releases the natural aggressivity, without going through the actual violence. Isn't that nice ? Do you prefer the real war, as we see outside the West ?

  27. sex,murder and mayhem…..the american way, or human way???????

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