All Warcraft 3 Cutscenes and Cinematics – Pre WoW


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  1. "If pride gives us pause my love, then perhaps we have lived long enough already. "
    This is why The lore of warcraft will live on forever. its a masterpiece in every way.
    I still use this line whenever someone says anything about dying! hah

  2. Little Timmy is an Undead now and you can find him at Stratholme =(

  3. That Dude says:

    Since i know that i cant watch this until the end, why was illidan imprisoned in the 1st place?

  4. I watched the Warcraft Movie a couple of hours ago, then did a WoW Lore search that brought me here. I am only an hour and seven minutes in. First, I want to thank "SenpaiAus" for putting together and Posting this Video Lore. Warcraft seems to me to be another telling of the ages old Tale of Good versus Evil or Darkness versus Light. Forces of Good and Light almost always either succumb to Evils temptations, … OR, become complacent/apathetic to the relentless pursuits of Evil … Until forced to confront them Directly. All that said, Warcraft is an Awesome Story … So Far!

    I came very late to actually playing World of Warcraft Online. I am enjoying playing WoW, especially when Friends play along with me. Sadly, all to often I seem forced into Solo Play which I manage to enjoy, but much less than with Friends. I hope WoW Online lasts a very long time [outlasting me as I am 61]. I only wish I had more Friends to play it with me. I am almost exclusively on Aggramar.

  5. Thank you for this, I can't see any cinematics on my warcraft 3 game :(

  6. cooool hpw did you make thes

  7. Aleksandar says:

    32:50 If only he had said "Let him fuck off to Northred , I don't give a shit , let's focus on fighting the undead here." The whole story would have ended so much better :)

  8. It makes sense. Once arthas realizes that timmy has turned undead, he is crushed. Thus, he decides that the living should be purged in timmy's name, so he voluntarily becomes the lich king. I finally get the story of wc3. Timmy, the fallen hero.

  9. I'f the dreadlords are truly immortal why does varimsthras fear death lol

  10. lmao the hydralisk at 1:47:37

  11. Great work mate!It must took hell lot of time to do this.

  12. Amazing childhood memories. Love this game

  13. 30:42 until the end of that scene is the best ever, between Arthas, Uther and Jaina. Arthas had the will to do what needed to be done. Also, 3:22:00 "Lagacy of the damned" Wut? Hahahha

  14. Null-drama says:

    I just cant help it but thank rthat Arthas did all of this on his own and killed Litch King in the end of Frozen throne and by doing that succeeding him. His mind was more powerful then Sylvanas yet he didnt get "free" when LK got weak, even the Frostmorne got weak so it couldnt have the effect on him, unless he was free to begin with and willingly destroyed his kingdom and killed his father and Uther.

  15. Too bad that the quality is so horrible

  16. I meet with video game first when i was kid then played online one and now watching same moba and mmorpg game's movie here..Umm i hope close to 15 years and I swear i can keep watch all movies and play all series , if they keep create to the very old age.. Btw I'm 24 rn and first time i meet when i was 11 years old :D..If some of you guys didnt understand what i mean just search .. Warcraft 3 , Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne , World Of The Warcraft and now Starcraft.. They start with games and movie now this guys are Legend..

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