Allen Iverson: The Answer Documentary (Full)


Paying homage to one of the GREATEST EVER to play the game and one who revolutionized the guard position with his athleticism and skills. Hopefully he …


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  1. NeoxY HD says:

    ou peut on le trouver en français ?

  2. jay dubya says:

    Good things about AI:
    *Really was the OG in terms of cross overs and step backs. Extremely influential in the way folks play 1-on-1 today.
    *Super quick and handles off the charts. Only 6 ft. and could dunk like a madman.
    *Tough as nails…never took a game off. Hard worker. Huge heart. Uber competitive.
    *"Practice?" video is an all time classic.

    Bad things about AI:
    *Never saw a shot he didn't like. Ball hog with crap shooting percentage. Only 42% for his career; weak 31% from the three. Other great points? Stockton and Magic: both 51% career FGs. Plus, they dropped dimes all day. AI? Nah.
    *Didn't make his teammates better.
    *No rings.

  3. Jacob Uknown says:

    Huh… The Lakers and the 76ers. As of the 15-16 season they are the two worst teams in the league… That's kinda funny

  4. I loved AI, but that carry at 3:44 was SUPER easy to see. Come on, the referees really need to call those.

  5. if you play 2k 16 my career it is based off of allen iverson

  6. if you play 2k 16 my career it is based off of allen iverson

  7. David P says:

    Great player! One of a kind.

  8. Glad he got inducted true Hall of Famer

  9. Allen "The Answer" Iverson-2016 Hall of Fame Inductee
    I am stoked!
    This honor is well-deserved!

  10. he made it into the hall of fame ???

  11. Luke Corda says:

    He did it!! A well deserved hall of fame induction!!

  12. Bhu Bryan says:

    man, AI, rough life. I feel you, man. I pray that he gets a job as sports analyst with a big Sports Channel and have a enjoyable after retirement job. He should just enjoy the rest of his time….. just enjoy. If i m not wrong, he is trying prove something….now at age 40 he should just quite proving whatever he is trying to prove…. he doesn't need to prove, he is one of the bests……period and just enjoy period.

  13. Hall of famer now

  14. Tone Desh says:

    Heart > Size. Incredible competitor. Loved watching him play.

  15. Charecter and charm in spades!

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