Alternate future of Europe in Countryballs [Part 7] World War 3


I hope you liked it. Write suggestions in the comments If you have suggestions and no google account: Music: -Skye Cuillin …


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  1. sorry but couldnt watch this video because of bad quality

  2. Thank you for use my ideas! also great video!
    Iberian nationalist rise against the french and unite the peninsula
    Countries use nuclear weapons to stop the zombies. (also you can start a new resource, nuclear weapons)
    Belgium try to gain more power in his region

  3. make nazis come back and then nazi vs zombie war ! XD

  4. dank for making some of my idea keep da good vid.
    Also am i the only one who find the end of Yaldur sad ? :(

  5. +German Mapper pls Turkey take black sea Georgia 

  6. Kerem Poyraz says:

    Peoples can win fuk zombie virus

  7. Really nice video

  8. thank you german mapper for making georgia big im only georgian fan thank youuuu!!!! 🙂 :)

  9. i have a few ideas : Macedonia joins the adriatic empire,bulgaria and turkey take a part of greece,the baltic statesmerge into a country called the baltic union,and a war between scotland and ireland? 😀 Nice vid btw

  10. German mapper I'm German EmpireBall Thanks for using my gdp and military rank

  11. Make zombies conquer whole earth but they evacuate and land in strange planet that have low resources

  12. Leonid Art says:

    Suggested: pls remake Yugoslavia

  13. Leonid Art says:

    well,bosnia is the adridic empire. Is that ok?

  14. Leonid Art says:

    and then they attack italy.

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