Alternate Future of Europe || Part 1 || World War 3


My first video! Yay! This is the first episode in my AFoE Series 1. Please subscribe, like, share, and comment what you wanna see next. THIS IS NOT AT ALL …


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  1. My first video! Please subscribe and like! I know I made a lot of mistakes, but I'm still learning! Thanks for watching!
    Comment below if you have any ideas what I should do next!

  2. can Bavaria into indepence (in your Videos)

  3. Svea Mapping says:

    Wow tthis great keep it up and I subbed

  4. good video, I subbed

  5. Good video! Subbed! But Ukraine hasn't got Rostov! It is map mistake!

  6. iJp says:

    Hey nice this was a great video! I see a lot of potential if you keep working on it! Don't let the haters drag you down! make sure to check out my channel!keep up the good work!

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