Alternate Future of Europe – Part 3: The Third World War


I’m sorry for really late videos, but I had to aid my relatives who desparately needed it. This video is shorter as I’m getting back into things, however, I am making …


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  1. Okay this is bullcrap Ussr has more then three million men while sweden finland and norway have 60000

  2. Daisy Duke says:

    This is funny.  I know it says "Future of Europe" but they manage to have war with Asia but don't even touch Africa.  It must be because the uploader does not like Africa.  LOL.

  3. these videos are dumb as fuck

  4. Best Beast says:

    Make the dutch expand please.

  5. Swe gamer says:

    Can Northern Alliance kill the stupid blue thing ??

  6. When are you going to add the next part?

  7. Desner346 says:

    Congrats on 100 subs

  8. LEMC - says:

    Can u do an gealic empire

  9. France is a nuclear power and the 2nd military power of European Union, but i don't have a capacity of invaded Italia and Spain… this scenario is a big joke ! France, Germany, UK, and USA are allied since for end of a 2nd world War, and a EU have a multiple NATO and American military base !
    Ta simulation tient autant debout qu'un arbre dont on a scié le tronc ! La France à les moyens de combattre dans toute l'Afrique du Nord, de maintenir des bases militaires dans tout les océans du monde, possède les plus performants avion de combats au monde, l'arme nucléaire, mais serais incapable de faire face à une révolte de quelques centaines de guignols en Catalogne ? XDDDD bien sur et ta sœur ?

  10. Germany is the best and Austria too

  11. peter wu says:

    youre channel is great but some parts just dont make sense
    im going to show what is great and what you need to improve
    thats great for now
    need to improve
    russia was ranked 2nd best army in 2013
    simistan wasnt supposted to be that strong
    China would obviously try to take nepal bhutan india vietnam laos cambodia burma and malaysia

  12. peter wu says:

    love your work

  13. what's the name of this musik that starts out the vidio?

  14. cody5260 says:

    Persia and simistan can into europe

  15. Hayden Tran says:

    Hi Mongols?!?!

  16. Sweden, Norway and Finland does not have enough manpower to do that. We have 5Million people in Norway, 5Million in Finland and 8Million in Sweden. And not everybody is avalable to fight, for example the 4 Millions of Children.

  17. Andirado says:

    Please make a Anschluss!

  18. cody5260 says:

    2:21 super smash bros fighting reference

  19. Bubble Zoé says:

    This is wrong Albania was never Yugoslav and will never be. Kosovo neither

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