Alternate Future Of The World episode 6} WORLD WAR 3!


Hi and welcome to AFOW EPISODE 6! Please enjoy and sorry for mistakes!


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  1. whoa, Brazil lost against Peru lol

  2. Great Hugary PLS!

  3. Chris Bodden says:

    Did you see my house tour

  4. ASEAN…. disbanded…. we c-care t-to sh-sha-share i-i-it-s the w-wa-way o-of A-A-ASE-ASEAN???

  5. why mongolia helped russia?

  6. WHY DID AMERICA HAVE TO WIN?! *cries*great vid btw

  7. What do you guys think of the new map?

  8. why u had to make algeria colonised ;-;
    jk great vid

  9. qeTrEkt n00B says:

    Wtf Battle Of Mars ?! :d

  10. I don't like the country balls

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