Alternative Wars: World War 3 – Part 3


Here is Part 3 of my Alternative World War 3. The grand final . Who will win ? Part 1 Part 2 …


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  1. Can I do for the next Alternate History of Africa

  2. I see the difference-kola has independence

  3. Yesss, peace treaty happened in my city

  4. Soviet army was strongest army in the world. With satellites like Germany they easy can conquer all Europe. China in 1945 not strong, Japan lost so much battles with Soviet. Nuclear weapon makes in USA and some later in USSR, and both countries can destroy yourself and all world.
    In all video Russia (Empire, Soviet, Federation) loses all wars, this is awful because russian military in top 3 strongest army. Please stop make us as "evil empire".
    I don't know why, but you make video close to reality. This is not "alternative".

  5. Comrade CFC says:

    I bet Ukraine is conflicted:
    'Well, the allies freed us but they also dropped an atomic bomb on our capital'

  6. Awesome series! Fuck USSR. Eastern Europe is poor because of them

  7. It was very obvious that the allies would win, USSR had very little allies. It would be better if the USSR had more allies. BTW, I'm leaving a Like. (Sorry if my english is not the best)

  8. Emmanuel Adn says:

    Restored the French Empire please

  9. Beau Kennedy says:

    i dont see why poland shifts it was the soviets that made them do that it makes no sense neither dose the borders of the urkraine and finland

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