Amazing Alien Related Artifacts Found In Mexico


A 3 part video about, in assuming, artifiacts found in Mexico that relate in some way to the ancient alien hypothesis.




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  1. Bill Maltby says:

    I love these news letters. But just once I would love to see any of this posted on any of the regular television stations. I am a real die-hard with this stuff. I got hooked back in high school with the book Chariots of the Gods.

  2. chikkin nuggetz says:

    aliens are actually fallen angels. don’t trust any of them. in abduction scenarios, people who prayed aloud the name of Jesus Christ were immediately released. some fallen angels died in the great flood in noah’s flood, and the spirits of the fallen angels wandered the earth as demons and poltergeists trying to inhabit or “possess” people’s bodies. ALL Aliens are fallen angels and are demonic in nature. don’t let these demonic entities fool you into thinking aliens created life. they will go to great lengths to convince you that life originated from these “aliens” and try tto go to the extent of unearthing these “artifacts” they are satanic and are trying to steal credit from the True and Living God, YHWH. all credit for creating life goes to God the Father, Jesus Christ, and His Holy Spirit.

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