Amazing Plane landing and take-off footage at Maho Beach St Maarten


This is simply the coolest beach in the world. Maho Beach sits directly adjacent to Princess Juliana International Airport, one of the smallest international airports …


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  1. I have never seen that happen, but I can understand why that might happen. The main thing you get hit with is sand and dust…and that stings!

  2. I want to go there now, basically just 4 Jet BLASTS!

  3. wlmrr says:

    I wanna to go there

  4. A NTP says:

    nice footage.

  5. Jayson Rulo says:

    I know this video is 4 years old but the Air France jet was not the A380. It was most likely either the, A320 or A340.

  6. A NTP says:

    um….at the risk of sounding untoward……………man, that plane let out a big fart. I do apologise.

  7. Sinue Medina says:

    i wana be taking a shit while on a jet blast

  8. out standing in this video

  9. woooow I want be there

  10. Wylie Yates says:

    people are fools.  I have seen nails imbedded in palm trees from jet blasts

  11. choochoopain says:

    how loud is it?? O__o i would imagine being that close to a plane would blow your ears out

  12. I bet your beyond stunned now!
    Great video!

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