Amazing Typhoon fighterjet spectacular powerful takeoff Farnborough 2016 airshow


Feel the power and the jet blast. Eurofighter Typhoon Full speed takeoff and incredible vertical climb then barrel roll during practice for the next week …


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  1. Duberney M says:

    "4K VIDEO"

    *Checks video quality

  2. osaky007 says:

    Graet maneuver!! nice vid.

  3. Jiero761 says:

    it is not 4k

  4. vjrei says:

    That pilot woke up with energy… he got laid.

  5. David Sloan says:

    Wonder how this plane stacks up against America's best?

  6. inselvideo says:

    Awesome!Well done!Huge LIKE!Greetings!

  7. KlutZ sh0t says:

    I wish there was a way to record these without the excessive shimmering effect

  8. TOTO CACA says:

    and? even old F16 can do this…

  9. Full afterburner though. Regardless, typhoon is an amazing jet

  10. All fine but all 20th century technology. Only full VTOL and full stealth and synchronised interaction with various other aircrafts (including armed drones) should be spectacular these days

  11. Cargospotter says:

    Is this a public place?

  12. ben lynch says:

    Amazing bit of footage

  13. braunbaerhh says:

    a german news magazin called "spiegel" has copied your video: is that legal?

  14. Ese Callum says:

    IT LOOKS WOBBLY and is is out of date by 10 years at least…American aircraft can beat it easily.America is the best.

  15. Dude this is the worst plane ever…

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