Amazing UFO Destroys Chemtrail, Alien Technology? UFOs protecting Earth? Sept 2016


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09/28/16 – 19:41 I caught an extraordinary UFO sighting. I was watching an odd looking light crossing the sky at variable speeds around my house, during the sunset. To me it was just some sort of helicopter, or maybe a drone. But after 5 or 10 minutes, I began suspecting the object not to be man-made. It was performing weird maneuvers, accelerating and decelerating randomly. When the light started to accelerate towards a huge Chemtrail, I took my camcorder and tried to find it in the distance.

The object stopped in front of the Chemtrail, and slowly destroyed it. Indeed, the trail was being “consumed” progressively. I was simply speechless. I still can’t believe what I caught. The Chemtrail got literally perforated! I can’t be 100% sure it’s due to the object itself, but I’m sure there’s a link between it and the Chemtrail. Such a huge trail can’t just disappear like that, for no reason! And only a small portion of the trail gets erased, justly around the object!

After the UFO attacked the trail, it moved backwards and flied West, in my opposite direction. It disappeared pretty quickly.

Sorry for zooming out a little bit too early, my camcorder screen is really small, and doesn’t have that much pixels… The object got so far away at the end, I simply thought it was not there anymore.

What was that object? Man-made prototype to delete Chemtrails? Some extra-terrestrial technology made to protect us? (maybe a bit far-fetched, but seriously, have you ever seen that before?) I just don’t have a clue of what this is.

Feel free to tell me your opinion in the comments below. 🙂

► Camera settings:

ISO: Auto
Shutter speed: Auto
Aperture: Auto
WB: Auto
Filmed with ➫ Canon M52

Type ➫ Light interacting with its environment
Scale ➫ Unknown
Duration ➫ ~ 45 seconds
Color(s) ➫ White
Light(s) ➫ Yes
Speed ➫ Variable

Filmed by me near Paris, France, October 2016.

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24 Responses

  1. Angela M. says:

    If it is a UFO one possibility is that it generates a lot of heat and it's mere presence vaporized anything around it .

  2. vortech ysi says:

    I wish I had a dollar for every alien video that doesn't prove anything. So why wasn't this in the news because it proves nothing.

  3. Luis Barboza says:

    ? ATENÇÃO!
    O Brasil esta sendo governado por uma organização criminosa. Basta!!! Eu❤?? exijo #IntervençãoMilitar

  4. Word Worship says:

    Silly Hyoo-Mons! I was merely scavenging some aluminum-oxide, bohrium, strontium, barium, nano aluminum-coated fiberglass, radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene di-bromide, and virulent polymer fibers to fuel my ten-second flight home…

  5. Geovan Van says:

    Eu ja vi uma Iuz dessa.

  6. xtc1957 says:

    I am assuming the static charge from this ball lightning is dissipating the contrail. Pilots see ball lightning on rare occasions; it behaves erratically, moving randomly and going where it wants to.

  7. xtc1957 says:

    This was captured recently. Nothing fake here, but this not a UFO sighting. It is ball lightning.

  8. xtc1957 says:

    Ball lightning, often seen near or even been known to pass directly through a jet fuselage and float throughout the cabin, doing no damage whatsoever. It is one of science's most baffling and least understood phenomena. These seem to straggle behind, or sometimes even along side jets, dissipating the cirrus cloud formations (contrails) left by jets flying at below freezing altitudes. I have seen this before in jet trails, and have several videos of it on HI-8 VIDEO. It is mind-boggling. I have been researching contrails/chemtrails since 1998, and this is the only conclusion that makes any sense to me, regarding orbs tracking jet planes and dissipating clouds left in their wake.

  9. Andrew Uff says:

    WRONG! They are "chemtrails" not a contrail. A contrail disappears very rapidly (within seconds to a few minutes). Chemtrails can last 24hrs+. They start small them the "chemicals" disperse over seconds to hours…growing into a huge fog. For the first time in history, a few months ago our CIA Director John Brennen finally tells Americas!

  10. herly robson says:

    aqui na minha cidade ja vi isso todo dia tem objeto estranhos no céu

  11. Eloo Grefi says:

    je les ai également vu a plusieurs reprise lorque j'ai entrepris d'obersrver les chemtrail mais je n'avais que mon petit téléphone. effectivement je les ai souvent vu apparaitre lorqu'il ya des chemetrail mais comme il y en a tout les jours et partout je ne savais pas pourquoi ils étaient là , je ne savais pas qu'ils faisaient ça

  12. Ralib Allen says:

    Omg I just saw this exact same thing over my house

  13. First of all, that's a regular cloud. Not a "Chemtrail". Second, the thing you see in the sky is rocket downdraft warming the air below it, disrupting the cloud. You're all fucking autistic, or foolish. Either way, you've gotten yourself entangled in this web of bullshit and you should get help.

  14. Bob Smith says:

    You fucking knob end!

  15. why the UFO didnt clean the rest ????

  16. THE PROPHET says:

    FAKE ! No question

  17. Dude–it's just Jupiter or maybe Venus.

    Download Stellarium (a wonderful piece of free software for astronomy) and then crosscheck the bright things you see in the sky with the actual celestial objects.

  18. philstephes says:

    It's jupiter you fucking ignoramus

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