Amazing UFO Formation! Massive Night Vision UFO activity, July 2014


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07/seventeen/14 – I finally managed to get some footage with my model new P8079HP Night Vision tube. I waited for a prolonged time to get a distinct sky, and the success are fairly incredible, even with the big amount of streetlight the place I stay.

I wanna thank my pricey “Night Vision pals” : UFO Lou, horsefarmer1000, and itakeyourphoto for their help, they have all been really patient and helpful… I had tons of queries, and they replied really nicely 🙂

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If you study me men, thanks a million moments for your help! I thanked you at the end of the video -)

Kind ➫ Lights / Orbs
Scale ➫ Unidentified
Duration ➫ From seconds to minutes
Shade(s) ➫ White
Mild(s) ➫ Sure
Pace ➫ Unidentified
Filmed with ➫ Canon HF M52 + P8079HP tube

Filmed by me around the Mount Valerian, France, July 2014.

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42 Responses

  1. M B says:

    i'm an avid UFO hunter, watcher, sighting collector etc. i've seen more UFO's than most "ufo hunters" have seen. and with that said… here is my honest assessment of this video.

    1. geese. the footage was sped up to make them look like they were flying faster.
    2. one satellite, one possibly UFO.
    3. i saw nothing.
    4. consistent steady motion, satellite…
    5. Airplane left, satellite right. again, consistent forward motion. then a meteorite at bottom of screen.
    6. another satellite.
    7. i think this one is a UFO, or has the best potential of being one. it seems to veer off left. to the right, you'll see bugs flying around. the only thing i don't know, is if this footage was sped up. i think it was but not sure. But this one has the most likeliness of being a UFO.
    8. satellite… footage sped up….

    so…. almost everything in the video was explainable. almost……

  2. 陳琮聖 says:


  3. penclaw says:

    That's what happens when a gang of aliens discover what is vodka..

  4. come on, the first clip is obviously a flock of birds!!!

  5. Scarakus says:

    the long slow ones that go from horizon to horizon are satellites. theyre brighter just after dusk, and just before dawn
    b4 dawn

  6. Lucas Slen says:

    now let’s get in formation

  7. Are those not birds?

  8. should i use just night vision or a full spectrum camera

  9. Saw something similar last summer they copied the stars behind them as like a cloak and then move in formation of

  10. Joe T says:

    Does anyone out there have a rational explanation for the first one(s) – the group of them moving across the sky almost in a formation? I have seen these before and have wracked my brain trying to think of a rational explanation. My experience had probably….7 of them, and the crossed from horizon to horizon in maybe 4-5 seconds. And seemed to be at a very high altitude. Anyone???

  11. For Real Amateur Footage of Alien Craft in the sky. To watch the videos, click this link.

  12. tribequest9 says:

    so you caught, satellites, shooting star, airplanes and birds…still waiting on the UFO

  13. tribequest9 says:

    thats a bunch of birds, yes long distance traveling birds do fly at night

  14. Shaun V says:

    these are not ufo's something much Worse…………if they start to notice you watching…….i Suggest you stop

  15. piero i says:

    beautiful footage

  16. Avi Williams says:

    it could of been an airplane

  17. 234cheech says:


  18. Mystic Lisa says:

    what kind of night vision camera are you using?

  19. Jack Major says:

    I believe that the Colors of the Lights in the sky indicates a RANK or INTELIGENCE LEVEL among themselves when seen in the Cluster in the sky… Unidentified Flying Objects communication by Visual… HMMMM…. some UFO video clips I have watched …. the lights moving across the sky are not the same color.. for example Orange and Purple… RADIANT ORANGE like the SUN and PLASMA PURPLE like the energy ball produced in a lab…… two common visuals.. on YOUTUBE… as well as other colors being mentioned by sky watchers… Just a Thought??? Sign Language in SPACE…..?

  20. Jack Major says:


  21. JCUFO55 says:

    This appears to be a white phosphorus night vision. Can you share with me the model of this night vision and camera? Thank you in advance for your reply.

  22. Pensé que era la única persona en presenciar esos tipos de eventos. Me tocó ver la formación del minuto 0:35 unas 5 veces en 1 mes en argentina, siempre van de norte a sur.

  23. That is a flock of birds genius.

  24. justin johns says:

    if it's possible for humans to be responsible for something, occams razor says they probably are

  25. tubeularvids says:

    that one that changed direction! awesome catch!

  26. Nice catch  – You just met the OWLS – Here is what god really looks like friend what you saw was Venus in the summers end horizon and your angels are the gods of their black triangles and pulsating orbs of fire any such stories of UFO sighting could have consequences undesired by the Humans and there like kinds….. (THE MEN IN BLACK)

  27. Galaxxer ' says:

    Maybe it is space activities …such as ..meteor,comet,asteroid

  28. Nic Nak says:

    Tonight in AZ I witnessed a very fast moving almost invisible (no lights!) V shaped flying object , one side longer then the other. Unless you were staring at the sky like I was, you could not see it! So crazy! Im thinking Military ?

  29. Sameer Malik says:

    com'on how many times I've to iterate that these lights ain't UFO rather Jinns of category one, who lives in the sky and travels continuously.

  30. Shawn Race says:

    I've seen the same exact thing twice, at first I thought it was a star but like this video it's obvious that it's not.

  31. Kelly oxo says:

    Only thing that looks unusual is the thing zooming in front of the plane at 1:06. If it was a meteor it would have a tail.

  32. M Gibbins says:

    hi there what camera are you using?

  33. I was just sitting outside with my boyfriend and I saw something like this

  34. homeworkmn says:

    you must bored recording birds, planes and satellites.

  35. I'd be interested to know where this was. Whenever I have seen UFO's I have seen them exactly like this. Orb type ones (which I think must be drones or something) way up. I have thought they are satellites too though.

  36. ZZzzRRrrGGgg says:

    ust looked this up after seeing pretty much the same thing , the one at 1:43 , the singular one , looked EXACTLY similar too the one i seen , seen it two times , one a few nights ago and one tonight , don;t have a good enough camera to get it on film, seen the "shooting stars" going past it aswell ! both times , i know it was't a satellite because it deviated from flight path and started to go to the right . i'm not a big ufo nut either lol but what i been seeing the past few nigts are deffinatley unusual , could be more of a logical explination , but honestly seen pretty much the same as this video , did not see a cluster however but i did see a singular unidentified flying object that way to high to be a plane , and satellites stay on orbit i believe and don't deviate from their orbit around the earth

  37. susique333 says:

    slow video down watch wings flapping. birds

  38. Fab Del says:

    Military flight for the formation and satellites for many of the others.

  39. DDG says:

    Yes. Birds flying in a trailing V formation is tooo spoopy for words.

  40. DDG says:

    Yes. Birds flying in a trailing V formation is tooo spoopy for words.

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