Amazing UFO opening Stargate Portal in the Sky (Norwegian Spiral Anomaly)


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April twenty five, 2016
The Science Channel Use of this Online video: at?v=FgWgsstTx-eight

Spot of video clip source has been determined on Google maps!

The Science Channel talks about the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly: at?v=FgWgsstTx-eight

The debate of this video clip should be centered on the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly and not if this video clip is a simulation or not. The Norwegian Spiral Anomaly has been validated as a legit function.

The Youtube consumer who posted this video clip no for a longer period has an account on Youtube. This video clip is rumored to be “pretend”. No matter whether this is true or not is yet to be viewed. What is recognized to be simple fact, is what is identified as “The Norwegian Spiral Anomaly of 2009”. The Norwegian Spiral Anomaly of 2009 is an precise function in which eye-witness testimony and real footage recorded an function that seemed virtually similar to this video clip. The Russian governing administration mentioned that it was a failed missile launch, but this only is not achievable as the physics of a rocket contrail would seem almost nothing like this from a distance. The title of the video clip should not be interpreted as remaining simple fact. The title of the video clip was made available to open up a debate about what was it that caused the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly of 2009? Is it achievable that this is alien technology? Can any one offer proof that proves or dispels this query? The remedy to the second query, is a profound no, as no one has publicly came forward with proof and evidence of what caused the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly of 2009.

Until finally a person can deliver valid proof that the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly was person produced, the debate as to what caused it can’t be ended.

On ten/11/2013,
Astronauts from the Worldwide House Station claimed seeing anything equivalent to the mushroom cloud that was claimed through the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly. NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins, who is also operating on the station, also tweeted his check out of the cloud, saying, “Noticed anything launch into place now. Not guaranteed what it was but the cloud it still left guiding was fairly remarkable.”

Wikipedia: “Norwegian Spiral Anomaly…failed flights of Russian SLBM RSM-fifty six Bulava missiles, and the Russian Protection Ministry ” Resource: Retrieved: 12/nine/2013

The Russian Government’s declare, that this was a failed missile launch, is not true, as it is bodily difficult for one particular missile to create the visible outcome viewed in the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly.

The physics of what they declare, in which they blame a failed rocket launch, meteor, satellite, and so forth, does not match with what was in fact witnessed. Witnesses claimed there were being 2 contrail streams, one particular that was a spiral, and one particular that was straight. At a number of hundred yards away, 2 streams from a rocket, meteor, and so forth. would be viewed as just one particular. If this was spinning wildly out of handle, we would only see one particular spiral. The for a longer period the distance you are, the less of a spiral you will see.

Estimation of the Spot, Trajectory, Sizing, and Altitude
of the “Norway Spiral” Phenomenon Resource: Retrieved: 12/nine/2013

Subsequent information about this video clip was re-produced from the source video clip.

Does the United States governing administration protect up any sightings of UFO’s?
The remedy can be identified with the subsequent Google lookup. Be guaranteed to copy and paste the subsequent line specifically into Google’s lookup box:
challenge blue reserve internet
The above lookup returns benefits from only governing administration sites on the phrase “challenge blue reserve”. ThE Fact is oUt theRe.

This is UFO sky phenomena is NOT pretend – this is the entire world well-known Norwegian cloud / sky spiral that took position above Norway. Even Wikipedia lists this function at – The official assertion is of training course that it was a “failed missile launch” – but was that Genuinely the situation? Or is this a Job Blue Beam experiment, or probably even an opening of a stargate to other parallel universes and dimensions? This was witnessed by thousands, and photographed and video clip taped by dozens – examine remarkable photographs of the functions here… – what do YOU believe this could have been?

Additional FOOTAGE OF THIS PHENOMENA: at?v=-H0hRhxnVmk
The above website link consists of pics taken by many different men and women, in different spots, who all took photographs of the exact incident.

Similar mysterious Spiral above China: at?v=FhVv8eqrRfI

Similar mysterious Spiral around Russia: at?v=YG-3S2WKP6Y

ALL these only “failed rocket launches” all around the entire world, with similar failure effects – or anything else heading on here?

Remember to permit me know if you sit on footage of this kind of spirals in other places in the entire world!


34 Responses

  1. Rose Petal says:

    This remind me of Uzumaki.

  2. priestof1 says:

    looks so fake to me

  3. mike hanke says:

    this was caused by a Russian rocket

  4. Lord Medusa says:

    This is the CGI recreation.
    Nobody outside the Norwegian gov. has the original capture.

  5. Jim Oberg says:

    Here's why i think it really was a rocket, let me know where my explanation is unsatisfactory please.–_15_FAQS_final.pdf

  6. this isn't a "UFO" it's the New World Order testing there hologram

  7. XueHaTa says:

    Am I the only one who saw The Death Star comming closer and closer? ????

  8. IS THIS FAKE MAN??????

  9. if that spiral was a black whole our entire solar system and more would be sucked in

  10. Keiser Ewy says:

    cern opened a portal to Saturn

  11. Rather than this and similar sightings being attributed to portals being opened up it looks all the world to me like a dispersion of chemicals into the atmosphere, spiralling outwards at great speed and covering great distance. An alternative method to the dispersion by airborne manned vehicles. Chemicals that are a crucial ingredient to the mind control agenda that is in effect.

  12. what is this? that would be crazy to see

  13. Chichang Wu says:

    this could be the so called magnetoshell experiment im not sure

  14. Nexues Pig says:

    THis is actually a rocket that is leaking fuel well lauching and i think it was spinning out of control and the fuel was on fire and thats just how it looked

  15. is that a portal or blackhole

  16. Séb Marin says:

    C'est d'la merde gros !
    Aucune source crédible en lien, c'est vraiment trop de la merde !
    Au suivant…
    That's shit, big fat brain !
    No credible source in direct links, it's really too much crappy !

  17. Tom Johnson says:

    …Elsa, fooling around w/her ice powers again? loljk, this is too big a story not to be real. it dovetails along with UFO's, aka chariots of the beast, cern and on & on. welcome to the new normal, kids.

  18. Oh God people! CGI? For what purpose? It was a failed missle test. The thrust wasn't symmetric and the rocket was spiraling. C'mon morons, the simple answer is usually the RIGHT answer. Missle and rocket launches are spectacular, especially when they go wrong. As much as you all hope for conspiracy, there is none here.

  19. stvbrsn says:

    There is no debate. This particular video is quite plainly a recreation using CGI.
    However, it is a recreation of an event that most assuredly did occur.
    Tens of thousands of people saw it. Hundreds photographed it. A couple people got video.
    The Russian missile test story is an unsubtle cover story.
    I can't say what it is, but it doesn't look like anything remotely ballistic.
    To my eyes, the only thing that can explain the actual Norway spiral event (not this video here) is a projection of some kind. On the other hand, this one here is very easy to explain.

  20. Venture14 x says:

    It was the Sonnenrad.

  21. there is a light pointing up at an angle, which means this is a projected image on the cloud…

  22. Russian missile failed test

  23. Roger Spurr says:

    Not a spark of debris???? Curious

  24. Ellie Coco says:

    I believe this is a portal to hell.

  25. BRANN I says:

    Any rocket could do this or a trained pilot in an acrobatic plane. Perception of distance makes it all look the same distance away yet if it was seen from a side angle it would look like a long corkscrew in the sky or it was bullshit cgi.

  26. cocolocooz says:

    Hundreds of people saw it including military and government officials. None of their scientific community could explain it. Spirals reported in other parts of the world too. Check out the pink spiral in New York in the mid-eighties where Dan Ackroyd the actor said he woke up late at night because he was receiving telepathic messages repeatedly to come outside. His wife told him to go back to sleep. When he woke up in the morning he saw on the news that hundreds of people in New York, other states and Canada had woken up in the middle of the night prompted by a message that infiltrated their sleep and went outside to see the phenomena.

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