When Noah and Lot warned their respective people of God’s coming judgment and destruction, the people would not listen. Instead they treated Noah and Lot …


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  1. RJs Artworks says:

    Why have we lived so long being enslaved?its time to do something before we loose our minds , body and souls. Thank you for caring. It helps cope in this mayhem

  2. RJs Artworks says:

    Why have we lived so long being enslaved?its time to do something before we loose our minds , body and souls. Thank you for caring. It helps cope in this mayhem

  3. Hi. Can you give me a ? link? It is at the moment (blue) 2

  4. RJs Artworks says:

    You're right on your evaluation of what's to come. It's a panic Prozac time at hand and it's only going to get worse. It's good to know it's coming but I miss the 80's when Disco was the sin. I love you too

  5. noah bell says:

    we all need to love each other spread gods love to everyone

  6. Praise the most high Lord God our King and Blessed Father. We are blessed ourselves to see such acts told to us. If we can just save more people by getting them a Bible or something. God Bless You readers and uploader

  7. talk a little LOUDER..can't here ya

  8. If we sanctify Jesus as Lord in our hearts we won't fear the dangerous behavior of the princes of this world. They will have their day in this life but we will have an eternal life of wonder in the presence of our Lord :). Take courage and stand in His awesome might, comforted by His wonderful love.

  9. Sassa757 says:

    It s not question of if but when?

  10. Mary Brown says:

    Thank you!, for all that you do. God bless and your family! acts 2:38.

  11. Shilly Storm says:

    If 'we' ever do start tossin nukes itll be because of your Jesus' relatives, the International swinery of Banksters wanting to wipe their money monopoly/debt system slate clean – were considered cattle in their little agenda-ized farm scenario

  12. if we don't have gas stoves how will we cook the rice and beans?


  14. Rafaela says:

    Brother in Christ, I feel that too. I get a feeling in my chest. I feel like something is going to happen. My bible instructor also tells me she feels the same way. Maybe it really is a way of God letting us know about things. Maybe He wants to let us know this world is too far gone and Jesus is coming back soon. Either way, let's focus on the gift of eternal life and pray for endurance on these end times.

  15. Joe Schmoe says: please be real. Don't use Gods word to try and scare people

  16. hahah. I stumbled on to this channel. I shouldn't do this as its against MY religion (new age). You guys are so stupid in your belief system that has been constructed for you its obviously total and complete. Look up the person you worship as you know him as Jesus. his real name was 'Yeshua Ben Yoseph'. Whether he existed or not is irrelevant.. agreed? The philosophy that idea left is powerful.. but not current. What is happening is the 'return of Christ consciousness' .. not Christ himself. the bible was mistranslated in Revelations.. the seven 'Churches' are the seven philosophies on the planet.. there will be an ascension of consciousness.. not an apocalypse.. but a transition to Christ consciousness.. so don't be looking for a fearful event.. Christians are good people, but they live in fear because of your book. The book is an idea, a concept.. not the encyclopedia Britannica which is already out of date!!

  17. Allen Black says:

    I question your sources……..I have not heard that we are at DEFCON3 , sounds like internet rumor to me………………….

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