America Is Rapidly Approaching Its Date with Destiny


Dave Hodges


The winds of change are blowing across America. The following events, detailed below, mark a dramatic shift in the relationship between the federal government and the people not of the federal government. We are at a definitive crossroads in history and I can scarcely believe what I am witnessing.

America Is Rapidly Approaching Its Date with Destiny

After reading the following accounts which have transpired in the past few days, it will become clear to the reader that we are moving into times of unprecedented change. These changes are promising and exciting, yet are very frightening.

Arizona State Government Weighing Options to Defy the Obama Administration

Will the country soon be following Governor Brewer's lead?

Will the country soon be following Governor Brewer’s lead?

Since the historic finger pointing encounter on the tarmac of Sky Harbor International Airport over the controversial immigration related issue of SB1070, it is no secret that Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, and President Obama do not like each other. In fact, to say that they don’t like each other is a gross understatement.

Presently in Arizona, there are 7,000 hurting families which derive their livelihood from tourism at the Grand Canyon. Obama has ordered the shutdown of the Canyon in regard to the budget impasse.

Governor Brewer is actually considering the use of the State’s National Guard to man the Grand Canyon in defiance of the federal order which shut down the park. Arizona is awaiting Brewer’s next move as she contemplates how to stand up the tyranny emanating from Washington.

Wisconsin Governor Defies Obama’s Shutdown Orders

Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker

Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said he’s not closing the federal lands to visitors, in a stunning defiance of the National Park Service’s demand to close certain areas. The federal government had specifically ordered park officials in Wisconsin to close doors on Kettle Moraine, Devil’s Lake and Interstate parks, as well as sections of Horicon Marsh. Interestingly, most of the impacted areas are actually owned by the state.

The state Department of Natural Resources said most of the Wisconsin’s parks that the federal government targeted for closure get most of their money from Wisconsin taxpayers and not from the federal government. Walker has reiterated that state park authorities have stated that they’re not complying with the federal order.

Maine Governor Refuses to Drink From the Federal Common Core Kool-Aid

lapage says no to common core

Maine Governor Paul LaPage recently signed an executive order (EO) in which the Governor declared that the public schools in Maine are locally controlled that student’s personal information will not be shared with any corporations nor any federal agencies.

LaPage’s EO states that “the Department of Education shall not adopt any educational standards, curricula or instructional approaches that may be mandated by the federal government. That the Department of Education shall not apply for any federal grant that requires, as a condition of application, the adoption of any federally-developed standards, curricula or instructional approaches.”

Clearly, Governor LaPage is telling the federal government that Maine’s children are not the property of the misguided Obamacrats. This stunning development makes me want to move to Maine.

Three governors, representing 13.5 million citizens are saying “No Thank You” to the President and the federal government. This is only the tip of the iceberg of Americans who are becoming willing to thumb their noses at the federal government.

Average Citizens Are Getting Into the Act

John Ervin and his family were visiting Washington DC with his family and his daughter desperately wanted to see the Lincoln Memorial. John went around the barrier and went to the memorial on behalf of his daughter in an act of civil disobedience. Martha Tazzioli and her sons from Seattle, WA., also engaged in civil disobedience and circumvented the barriers to a national monument, albeit with the rangers looking the other way.


Vietnam veterans defied the shutdown orders at the Vietnam Memorial. There were reports that police ordered tourists and Vietnam War veterans who were visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall to leave the memorial at one point this past Friday. The veterans went around the barricade until more police showed up in force, NBC’s Mark Seagraves reported. Please allow me to pause for a moment and remind everyone that these vets showed up to pay respect to their fallen friends and comrades and they were denied their right to do so by a President who kept his own federally funded golf course open. America lost over 58,000 of her finest in Vietnam and we tolerate the continual displays of disrespect for our culture, our traditions and our bravest members of society from a person like Obama?

obama shutdown

Another group of Americans have engaged in defying the federal government and it is the WWII veterans. Is there a more respected group of Americans than our WWII veterans?

A level of commitment and sacrifice that Obama, Holder and Clinton will never know.

A level of commitment and sacrifice that Obama, Holder and Clinton will never know.

These brave WWII veterans stormed barricades blocking the WWII Memorial in Washington DC, just as they did when they stormed beaches at Normandy, nearly, sixty years ago. The German and the Japanese armies did not stand a chance against our amazing soldiers and neither does Obama. Take a good look at the WWII veterans pictured below, we will not have any of them for much longer. God Bless these brave men who demonstrate an understanding of what it means to be an American unlike the Kenyan pictured above whose idea of combat is trying to keep his tee shot on the fairway.

America's greatest generation still engaged in opposing tyrants.

America’s greatest generation still engaged in opposing tyrants.


We have governors of states, brave veterans, and average people defying the federal government. What does this all of this mean? It means that the worm has turned and America is finally beginning to stand up and say no to the tyrants who comprise the minions which serve the central bankers who have hijacked our government. It means that America has just entered a major shift in its attitude towards its government. The events of civil disobedience, occurring over the past week cannot be overstated.

Part two of this series will explore this new found level of civil disobedience, which is beginning to touch many of us from our statehouses to the houses that we live in, and what it means for our collective futures. And like with most change Part two will reveal that there is both an upside and a downside to any change and this is no different. America, we live in historic times.

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  1. Edward says:

    Well I wonder if the Holocaust was for real? I remember a now deceased journalist telling me that he was part of the first media tour of Belsen after Hiller’s downfall … but just maybe it was a “photo-op” set up for the media

  2. Watchman48 says:

    [OK it may not be as easy as that. However the proceedings must begin and those responsible heads must roll.]

    It will never happen because we were given Obama in hopes that the hearts of the people would turn back to God or most likely to bring about the finale destruction of America…

    In the old Testament we are told how God gave the Israelites unrighteous leaders or kings because of their sin of worshipping false gods… in hope that the hearts of the people would be drawn back to Him.. The people refused to turn their hearts towards God so He brought heathen nations against the Israelites… So to have the hearts of the people in America has turned away from God and now He has given America the most unrighteous of all leaders in all three branches of the government… Still the majority of the people refuse to turn their hearts to God, so now the heathen nations are being called to come against America.
    We are now reaping the consequences from the death and destruction that we have sown for the last 40 years through abortion… God will never allow a destruction of a people or nation without first share His warnings with the people. Amos 3:7

    To read God’s judgment for America’s future or lack thereof, Google: “ The Message For America, Hand of Help Ministries. ” For what I think will be the 2nd major terrorist attack for America, Google; “ The Eagle and the Serpents, Hand of Help Ministries. ” And again for where I believe will be the location of this 2nd attack, Google: “ The Eagle and Serpents (Part 2), watchman48. ”

    Man’s so called wisdom in thinking he knows all that there is to be known has always amazed me. Wisdom is gained from what man has experienced in life, but true wisdom comes from God. There is nothing in this life that man can say for a certainty, unless he has seen, or experienced directly or indirectly that which pertains to his statements, beliefs, or faith. In other words, for man to say, “I know God does not exist,” just because he personally has not experienced a life changing event is nothing less than pure ignorance.

    One revelation from God is worth far more than the knowledge gained from all the books in the world written by men who have no understanding or comprehension of the absolute truth of God’s WORD.

    • please,enough of this phoney god/bible nonsense!!!!!if your god /bible were real you folks would have been protesting the past horrible 230 years of this evil country,and millions upon millions of people murdered by this piece of crap country would have been able to live full,happy lifes!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. These times have been seen before, in the German republic founded at Weimar in 1919. Things got so bad for the German people – out of control inflation, joblessness, decadence and depravity of every nature, and the beginnings of rampant communism. And sitting high above it all in comfort were the jews and their appeasers. The more I studied it, the more comparisons were revealed between then and now.

    Of course the Weimar Republic was overthrown in 1933 and replaced by the Third Reich. Hitler and the people of Germany were having no more of it. From the jews they took all their ill gotten loot, removed them from positions of power, and told them to get the hell out. The Germans went to a gold standard, created work for everyone, built the country back up until it was a model for the rest of the world.

    Will we be so lucky or even motivated enough to save America? I don’t know. What I do know is there will be a lot of blood shed, and life as we know it may change drastically. But for the better eventually. If the jews don’t kill us all first with their H-bombs, chemical and biological weapons. They are a very spiteful race when it comes to them not getting their piece of the action. You see what they did to Hitler and the people of Germany once they, through their propaganda machine – the media of the day, newspapers – duped the rest of the world into doing their dirty work.

    You would be wise to arm and train yourself in general combat techniques, store a large supply of food, water, medical supplies, as well as stocking items that will make life a little more enjoyable if the power goes down and the ‘system’ grinds to a halt.

    And watch who you involve yourself with, but get involved. Find out what others in your community are going to do if the SHTF. Know who even has a clue, who will be helpful, who will be worthless, and who might be a snitch. CYA – Cover Your Ass. It’s going to be an ‘interesting’ ride.

  4. gary says:

    Well, if only, things hang on long enough to the next election. As so many of my friends who switch from GOP to DEM in 2008 to vote for the Illegal Alien President, who heard the siren song of I’ll give you this or that, only to now learn its true promise was I’ll take this, that and everything else you have, are now realizing the truth. I’m no longer hearing the obama-ized lackeys ever talk about their love affair with Obama. My gut feel is that the next election will be a sea change to the DEM party. The down side is that Obama probably knows this and will try to kill the US Constitution before the next election cycle.

    • gary,all elections are figged,the dems&repugs,obama,bush are controlled by big bankers/cororations/and many other wackos,who make all the insanity we see today,and will always do so,no matter what political is so called”elected”

  5. 5 War Veteran says:

    It has nothing to do with bravery it has all to do with rights. We paid for the building of those monuments. many of us WITH OUR LIVES. Muslims are usurpers and so are the Wealthy Elite.

    The Federal Government OWNS NOTHING! THE PEOPLE OWN EVERYTHING because we paid for it through taxation and our hard labors. I am sick and tired of lazy people and criminal politicians taking the working people for granted.

    The US Government works for us and is paid by us. Misrepresentation is not one of the things we pay for however that is what we got and that in itself is a breach of contract.

    The “Oath of Office” that every politician and military member has to accept and SIGN, lists their responsibility and allegiance to the US Constitution. Has their OATH a CONTRACT with THE PEOPLE been upheld?

    Absolutely not. Breach of Contract absolves any agreements made with the people including retirement pensions and other benefits.

    A military serviceman that completes his contract whether it be 4 years or 30 years includes a lifetime obligation by the US Government to full fill that contract. Insurance paid for by the individual service man under contract is a obligation and nothing a President or any other government lackey can legally stand in the way of.

    WE THE PEOPLE pay for politician employment. They have committed a breach of Contract. Therefore they are fired.

    OK it may not be as easy as that. However the proceedings must begin and those responsible heads must roll.

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