America Should Just Announce World War 3 Has Started


Slip_P_H Incredibile . Semplicemente incredibile. L’America stanno per iniziare una guerra con la Russia e il 95 % del pubblico non hanno la più pallida idea .


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  1. Herp Derp says:

    I want to disagree with you so bad, I want to say no, impossible, the world leaders are smarter than this….but the facts are there, and there's not a whole lot we can do… Leave to the Americans to put all of us on the brink of war

  2. Bring it on I got a snug cupboard under my stairs for me and misses

  3. I think you should check out Sam Seder's YouTube channel, I think you might like him.

  4. Andy Patmore says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with everything you say. I have been banging on for years about the moron machine in the corner of the living room and how more people can name 20 characters in Eastenders than 1 foreign leader. People get more outraged over some talentless fuckwit being voted off twat factor than 18,000 disabled people having a vital benefit cut. Unfortunately, these are the same people who don't award a sports courage award to an injured ex-serviceman who is an inspiration but to a fame hungry aged athlete who has decided to start wearing a dress. I hope you find the time and the inclination to continue producing your videos as I find myself nodding in agreement for 4 or 5 minutes and looking forward to your next one.

  5. bogen broom says:

    PEOPLE …….ask your neighbours/friends /relatives –
    Are you ready for WW111..?
    PEOPLE …….ask the MSM and their Journalists –
    Are you ready for WW111..?
    PEOPLE …. Ask your MPs –
    Are you ready for WW111..?
    Then ask WHY is… NATO/EU /US/UK pushing for a War with Russia ?
    And is this what YOU really want ? …..WAKE UP NOW !

  6. bruce wayne says:

    And yet talk to any so called intelligent person and they will tell you Putin is starting this. Putin is not a nice man but no he isn't.

    Obama has no skill. Cameron has no skill. We need men of the world to run it. Men who made it but want to put back. In the old days people who ran the country had a  pension or were of  independent means. Self made men who wanted to use their experience to give back to the country that made/supported them.

    Now our politicians are graduates in politics. They have no life experience but politics. Not business, not war just politics. They look beyond prime minister to the UN or the EU. So why would any politician want to upset them?

  7. davetogo123 says:

    Spot on again my friend what's coming is going to blind side so many people ( spoon fed sheep) I find it hard to talk to people these days. It's like having a conversation with a human TV nothing but manufactured opinions. It's like everyone is walking around looking at the world through rose tinted shades. 

  8. PHIL BURTOFT says:

    Thank you for all your output you are a star. This could be the end of the world as we know it but you do have to appreciate how beautifully it has been choreographed. You are tragically spot on, nobody wants to believe what is staring them in the face, we are about to lose our civilisation as a consequence of our own complacency and apathy. Super Mac once said 'you dont know how good you have got it', I fear we are about to find out as we peer out into a decidedly uncertain future and the purge starts. I hope I am wrong, I have three sons.

  9. zd696 says:

    They give islam a bad name, but in the end islam is going to win this ww3 by the power of ALLAH….. 

  10. zd696 says:

    They plan, but what they don't know is that ALLAH is the best of planners. 

  11. Vampretta666 says:

    You seem really smart, wise and you look handsome. I have only just found you, you have earned me as subcriber. I don't want war :(

  12. Muon Ray says:

    Cameron is probably planning a new invasion of Libya, joining forces with Italy and the EU using the migrant crisis as a pretext for war, as they are already violating Libya's territorial waters by having "patrol" ships there already.

  13. Hi Slip i do like your vids you just say what most awake folk are thinking ! don't ever think low views means fail as it only takes one person to start thinking outside the elite bubble and spreading the word to make a difference ..please give us your view on the Tunisia beach "attack" and keep up the top work…

  14. martin beale says:

    Hi slip, i share your vids frantically, you are definitely top 5 on the planet, DON'T GIVE UP! you are an inspiration, you are not biased either. I would like to know what voice changing software you have, then i might have a go.  ;)

  15. Its refreshingly troll free today Slip, Had a clearout chap? Nice one 🙂    Chunky Mark should do the same.

  16. I'm with Slipknot!!!! keep up the good work buddy!it is appreciated!

  17. DrDreggs1 says:

    The yanks are full of shizbat.

  18. Yes I have to humour the clueless everyday.

  19. tommy clare says:

    The other day I was reading some comments in the Daily Shitepress,Not only did it anger me,It saddened me deeply,there were several comments calling for The RAF to bomb areas of southern Turkey and Northern Syria,Thats if they havent done it already,When will this insanity stop?Who are these people who support these actions?What sort of people are they?Do they believe the BBC?Sky news and the mass media lie?Our military will build a oil pipeline from Iraq to Fucking London its foundations will be the bodies of the people from the middle east,And we wont do fuck all apart from watch shite factor,,,We have lost our soul

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