America – US security – Snowden Interview 2016 – US history documentary 2016 – Edward Snowden


America – US security – Snowden Interview 2016 – US history documentary 2016 – Edward Snowden I created this video with the …


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  1. socrates says:

    Snowden is no hero.

  2. im divided on snowden but what he did was both morally right and at the same time dumb….we dont want our enemies knowing our secrets….esp terrorists im 50 50 on this snowden person….he hsould have done it a different way though…just throwing n leaking the info for all to know not only do people who support him n understand why he did it would see it but also OUR ENEMIES n thats not good at all….is snowden a terrorist? fk no…. is he a patriot? yes…. is he a traitor? no… was he foolish at least in some way by leaking secret files for the world to see which includes bad people who want to hurt n destroy not only the U.S but the western world…? yes foolish for doing that he was …now is he a "HERO"…meh ….well if have terrorists knwoing our nuclear lunch codes and other secret information to use against us or our allies then we'll know who would likely be responisble to blame…even if he didi it with good cause …lets jsut hope our enemies dont see or use these secret information against us or our allies…or worse..the world…n i actually understand on his decision of him not wanting to vote for hillary or that fkng idiot trump…I would only pick hilalry cause bernie quit lol…either dont vote or pick the worse of 2 evils or naive people lol…which is why prb many peopel dont vote…we dont exactly have 2 or at least good choice here…we either pick the bad or th worse ..if i had to vote id pick the bad..which would be hillary…but thankfully bernie will support her n maybe guide her for her to be a good president…one can only hope….leaing information from the CIA or NSA is serious shit and yes a matter of national security….most of us arent worried if the public , the general public is aware of these secrets because at least most of us would be upset yes but understand why our government did it…what Im n most of us are worried is that terrorist , our enemies would use this info against us , our allies and the world which def bad people would take advantage of just so they could destroy the humane world..

  3. he's response's are kinda of topic and no indication that this wasn't a hologram or prerecord

  4. LC Solar says:

    id like to see a video of Edward Snowden saying today is Sept __,2016 , hold a news paper or something else. The guy has been MIA

  5. a brave jung man…………….bright and fighting for the constitutions …..big respect …snowden. 1universal love

  6. fuzzynubbins says:

    This is not from August 2016, Edward Snowden is still missing in action/MIA…

  7. pacman1408 says:

    I've served 23 years in The United States Marine Corps and survived 2 wars and I've never seen a more courageous man. A TRUE AMERICAN HERO!!

  8. what is up with ALL YouTube videos that have important informative issues to be exposed? They all spin to discourage people to watch!!!!!##


  10. I love Edward Snowden !!!

  11. Obscura66 says:

    2016 Snowden is still the man to hunt down . Edward is not allowed to visit countries around the world. Snowden is a hero for millions. Isn't it a shame for all off us that this man cannot travel across the globe. We must stand up together as he stood up, up for all off us.
    We own him this , so make some noise so Edward can do his speech in Holland, Germany or any other place on earth. Wake up your fucking government, do no longer obbey lord off evil ( US ) to block this hero but create a save haven for this gift by god. Snowden is our Jesus2.0 .

  12. Bernard Popp says:

    Edward's Snowed-in in Br-r-r-russia. ✋?

  13. get a rope for a traitor

  14. Leo Lopez says:

    the best example of new order world implement in usa, thats amazing how a group of politicians and rich family had all a country under their rulers

  15. Harold Cale says:


  16. Robert Iclef says:

    We create the illusion of fear that the is truly non existent!

    A code to live with for myself is
    Do no harm,
    Mutual respect and,
    Reserve judgment of myself and others.
    If I have Vision,
    It is my cosmic duty to show others to find (willingly)
    To open their " eyes ".

  17. This is the Real True American hero.

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