America VS Russia World War 3 – Full Documentary


America VS Russia World War 3 – Full Documentary.


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  1. Shadow says:

    War it shall be I'm preparing to join the US Army rangers 75th regiment

  2. Using Alex Jones as source huh….?
    Are you retarded….???

  3. Cafe Bustelo says:

    This is some boring crap.

  4. The US is the most vulnerable country in the world in the event of nuclear war. The US has 3 super volcano calderas in its borders, any one of which could could make large swathes of the US uninhabitable if it erupted, you can bet your bottom dollar that several RS-28 Sarmats are aimed at each one (40 mt each). . In a nuclear war the US faces not just the horrors of nuclear destruction but volcanic destruction also. The calderas are 1. Yellowstone Caldera Wyoming.. 2. Long Valley Caldera California.. 3. Valles Caldera New Mexico.. Sorry for the wall of text but i'm worried guys. :(

  5. thats what you getting for winning WW 2. guess what : the good guys lost.

  6. R.E.D Music says:

    at 4 58 the guys voice sounds funny i know he has an acscent

  7. No more NATO! If a war big enough enough kicks off where countries need support from allies that bridge can be crossed then. NATO is a global conquest based organisation whose purpose is not alliance for peace but rather war and conquest and slavery. The bigger NATO gets the worse shape the entire world will be in. Stop the UN by not allowing Hillary the Witch to become US president.

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