American History: The New World | Colonial history of the United States of America | Documentary


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  1. Eona Summers says:

    things are happening in this country because this country was stolen stolen from the native people with somebody please state the facts

  2. Saad MAFiA says:

    is it ok to say shit-loads? 6:40

  3. Why the fuck this lying?
    Stop the fucking lying!
    The English we're not just attacked for no reason. Not only did they kill most Native Americans but they made some their slaves too. They also made the Native Americans teach them the way of living and then killed them.

  4. So basically all they did was make slaves, kill, eat, and shit.

  5. DO NOT WATCH! IT IS WAY OUTDATED… 1 million "Indians" before the white man came, yeah right…xD

  6. Noor Right says:

    Very Useful n Valuable info indeed

  7. This sounds like a film from the 60's. How old is this?

  8. just a million Indians in the whole of north America haha I kind of doubt it.

  9. Where is part 2 of this film?

  10. Boba Jef says:

    Just a million ? There were 20 – 30 million Natives killed by disease

    Tf is this guy talking about ?

  11. leosuri says:

    Very nice doc!

    But whats the soundtrack in the intro?

  12. this video didn't mention the other black side of the story

  13. remember you that 50% usa territory actual is of México?

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  15. lipsach says:

    These old documentaries are actually very good.

  16. D Cez says:

    The craftsmen and miners were all naked?…..Be careful with those sharp tools.

  17. I bet the American Indians the one true original American is wishing that they built a wall.
    Build that wall, build that wall.

  18. savages my black ass they where warriors just like the Vikings and Spaniards army who raped murdered and stole.

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