American Petro Junkies — Petrodollars, 911, False Flags, Iran and World War 3 III


This is a piece on why 911 was needed for a group of corrupt power elite to maintain power in order to save every American from total disaster in …


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  1. Very nice break down of the info. Good work.

  2. Markus Perez says:

    this should be the most watched video on youtube , its great to know stuff like this and well even though im only fourteen im going to do some great studying on this vid.

  3. ratonL says:

    Nice. Thank you.

  4. Look up 'thorium', or 'LFTR', your solution of using renewable or intermittent technology as a solution is flawed. It is intrusive and requires vast transmission lines, which are never going to economical viable against oil.

  5. It takes cheap oil to build out altenetive energy. To put it simply where fucked.

  6. If it costs BP a ton of money to clean up the spill, then I guess they won't make that mistake again. They will regulate themselves. That is how the system is supposed to work. You can say that a regulation would have prevented it, but many companies take the fine of the regulation (or go behind government's back) as long as its profits outweigh the fine. What I am trying to say is that while government regulation is well intended, people acting on their own self interest will always trump.

  7. yeah thats basically what it comes down to huh…theres always lots of studying to do after watching a vid like this. I agree

  8. axel714 says:

    yeah well fuck you ,they own everything , including the biggest military that I was part of it ,and so proud of it, and more of you motherfuckin dreams sellers , saying they are satanic or aliens , but It you what i did you see is all a Christian agenda , to fulfill theirs prophecies they already created Israel instead of give THEM A place in the USA they put them in the middle of the fucking hell ,(right next to the only not corrupted christian community the Amish , they will say, my home ?

  9. shaymus crow says:

    Hey buddy, I am not selling any dreams,. Not sure who you are saying "fuck you" to. You can be proud of what ever you want. We are in deep shit though when it comes to our dependance on oil. I dont blame military action to save our damned lives and thats whats at stake when it comes to our dependance on oil, our lives. I think if they were just honest with us regarding the actions taken we would be better off.

  10. Ruiz Manalo says:

    Did you make this video? Would like to follow whoever is actually narrating and putting these together. Excellent work.

  11. shaymus crow says:

    No, I didn't make it and i do not know who did or where it came from. It was on an old hard drive I had, but I thought it was important so i uploaded it…there was no information on who made it, I would like to know who did as well…. Its a great break down of the petrodollar monopoly banking system.

  12. This is from a channel called AlienScientist. He has a lot of good info. Also check out the video called "Nothing to Fear But Government Itself" there's some eye-opening stuff on that channel as well. Peace!

  13. that means american are evil !!!

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