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At the outbreak of World War I, France was going through a bitter struggle for liberty.  Experiencing unbelievable odds, the brave French tried to help you save their state and heritage.  During this time in The us, there have been some who strongly imagine in the beliefs of independence and the pursuit of pleasure.  These brave People in america took up arms alongside facet the French to aid them in protecting their freedoms.  These have been volunteers who stood business on the beliefs that males and gals really should be no cost.

A couple of a long time back, a motion picture known as Fly Boys portrayed this small know period of heritage.  When the film concentrated on all those who flew airplanes, there have been others whose life have been sacrificed for the trigger. 

These males who fought in the armies of Canada, Wonderful Britain, and France arrived from all walks of existence.  They have been males from wealthy estates to males of less fortune.  Whether rich or poor, all these males experienced one issue in common they considered in independence for all mankind.  These males have been writers, attorneys, engineers, former soldiers and sailors, boxers, butchers, explorers, and university students.

1 of these males, named Paul Rockwell was seriously wounded in Champagne through the war wrote, “In the Overseas Legion about two hundred People in america are serving or have served.  The bitterest regret of my existence is that so couple People in america have arrive to support France.”  Males like Paul Rockwell served with excellent honor to our state and to France.  By January, 1917, seventy citations in formal orders have been awarded to the American volunteers who served bravely in the struggle.  Here are a couple of the names that served and sacrificed their all for this trigger.

  • Norman Prince: died October fifteen, 1916
  • Victor Chapman: died in June 1916
  • Kiffin Rockwell: died September 23, 1916
  • Dennis Dowd: the experienced pilot, died in an airplane incident at Bucairdrome in August, 1916
  • William Thaw: The Pittsburg Millionaire
  • Elliot Christopher Cowdin
  • Bert Hall
  • Paul Pavelka
  • James R. MacConnell
  • Edward Mandell Stone: a graduate of Harvard and first American volunteer killed
  • Henry W. Farnsworth: killed in Champagne
  • Alan Seeger: a poet and an idealists
  • John Earle Fiske: a former American soldier, died June 16, 1915
  • Russell A. Kelly: died June 16, 1915
  • Nelson Larson: died July 4th, 1916
  • Frank Clair: of Columbus, died from wounds experienced in struggle
  • Rene Phelizot: of  Chicago, a daring hunter of major game, killed at Craouelle in February 1915
  • Harman Edwin Hall: of Chicago, died June 16, 1916

Could we normally recall that independence is in no way no cost and that the charge was taken out of the incredibly ideal of our state males and gals.  It is their legacy that we really should honor and cherish as very long as we are living in this no cost country.

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