American Zionists incubating another Hitler

truther November 10, 2013 4
M. I. Bhat
A lot has been said and written on the American Zionists’ control of the United States of America – banks, Wall Street, media, Hollywood, markets, politicians, foreign policy, indeed the whole life of the Americans. But I believe this recent headline — ‘White House urges Jewish leaders not to lobby for new Iran sanctions’ — beats every word said and written so far on the subject.

American Zionists incubating another Hitler

Notice who is pleading for favors from whom: Supposedly the most powerful not just in America but in the whole world to non-entities in political and governance scheme of the United States. Ponder over the wording, every whichever you may, it loudly and clearly reflects the abject condition of a slave – shorn of self-respect, shame, dignity, ethics, and moral strength!

“You goyim are destined to slavery because you have all the attributes of a slave race. Look around you and take note of what you nominally Christian Americans and Europeans have become: semi-literate, uncultured, philistine, easily led and credulous, irrational, subject to propaganda and the pleasure principle, television-addicted, enervated by alcohol, stultified by drugs, brutalized by pornography… as the sewage of Hollywood spreads its slime over the golden cornfields and shining towers of a once Christian country, there is nothing much to live for except sex and death.”

Who in the world doesn’t know American Congress and Senate, Governors and even City Mayors, are totally and abjectly sold out, body and soul, to the American Zionists’ dollars much before they come to occupy their exalted office positions. It is no more a “conspiracy theory.” Here we have the highest political office not just confirming it but practically demonstrating and openly beating drums about it globally. And in the process also confirming hordes of Americans who have written yottabytes on the subject. America is enslaved by Israel.

Neither the United States nor Israel ever miss an opportunity to remind the world of the threat Iran’s nuclear program poses the world at large. Like Israel, Saudi Government also feels threatened by Iran’s nuclear program and has been urging United States to attack Iran’s nuclear installations.

There is a group of five permanent members of the UNSC plus Germany (5+1) that has been talking to Iran on this issue, reflecting global concern. Iran is already under severest possible sanctions regime. So why special pleading with the American Zionist leaders over an international issue? How come global concern translates into just 1.7% American Zionist concern, not of 77% American who identify themselves as Christians?

If it is to mollify Israel’s concerns whom these American Zionist group proxy for, then why not mollify Saudis as well? Aren’t there any American Arabs?

Israel may be the “best friend” of the United States, but at the same time it also is a huge political, military and financial burden. Rather than advancing, or even being in any way helpful in advancing American interests in the region, it has proved a major roadblock — indeed, the very source of Muslim hatred for the United States.

On the contrary, Saudi government handsomely rewards the United States through billions of dollars of military purchases, assured oil supplies, even off and on manipulating oil market at the American behest, and investments, and acts as cat’s paw for the United States in the Middle East and in the wider Muslim world via its influence over Arab League and OIC.
Ok, forget Saudi Arabia. Why doesn’t the White House plead directly with the people Americans have elected to take political decisions? Wouldn’t that be more logical and commensurate with the American constitutional requirements?

Well, that could be true in a true democracy. Where democracy itself has been reduced to mere competition in securing Jewish funding and acceptance by Zionist media, taking constitutional course is way-off an expectation. As one of the slave pack, Obama knows who owns the elected and therefore where he could get his desired results. So, he bows before the Masters of the United States. Anyone who thought Secretary Kerry rebuffed Israel and Saudi Arabia on dialogue with Iran got it wrong. His rebuff was directed at Saudis alone. Saudis to America are what Americans are to Israel – slaves; therefore, don’t count. Slave do fight one another but not their master.

What brought America to this state of affairs? Over a century back, the poet-philosopher, Dr. Muhammad Iqbal (the poet of the East) on his return from academic sojourn in Europe had captured the essence of the problem when he wrote in a poem:

The jugular vein of the West is in the clutches of (Zionist) Jews

And his prognosis:

The usurious (Zionist) Jews are waiting since long
To whose deceit the prowess of the tiger is no match
The West is bound to fall by itself like a ripe fruit
Let us see in whose lap the West falls

If that was about politics and economics, he seems to have very rightly seen the fate of Christianity as well:

This prematurely dying civilization is in the agony of death
The (Zionist) Jews will perhaps be the trustees of the Church

Blogosphere is drowned in the anguish and wails of the concerned Americans about the present state of their country — looting of ordinary families by American Zionist banksters, homelessness, job losses and falling wages, rising unemployment and poverty, drug addiction, sexual promiscuity and pornography, suicides, daily shoot-outs and murders, broken political structure so typically demonstrated by the recent Government shutdown, spying of and hated alike by friends and foes. A disgraceful picture from Government to an ordinary citizen, as if of a Third World country.

To their every misery Americans trace Zionist Jews in America and Israel at the root. They see miniscule population of American Zionist Jews determining, dominating, and controlling every aspect of their lives – social, moral, political, judicial and economic. The stats and arguments presented in support are shockingly very similar to those heard and reported for the post-WWI Germany.

And there are some solid grounds for this comparison if you try to evaluate the current American scene in the light of some of the accounts presented by well-known historians about the post-WWI Germany. For instance, a post, quoting several historians, has the following from British historian Sir Arthur Bryant, who images the post-WWI Germany’s financially ruined landscape when inflation had decimated German mark from 75 marks to a dollar in 1921 to 4.2 trillion marks to a dollar in November 1923:

“It was the Jews with their international affiliations and their hereditary flair for finance who were best able to seize such opportunities [political and economic chaos following WWI defeat] …. They did so with such effect that, even in November 1938, after five years of anti-Semitic legislation and persecution, they still owned, according to the Times correspondent in Berlin, something like a third of the real property in the Reich. Most of it came into their hands during the inflation. But to those who had lost their all, this bewildering transfer seemed a monstrous injustice. After prolonged sufferings they had now been deprived of their last possessions. They saw them pass into the hands of strangers, many of whom had not shared their sacrifices and who cared little or nothing for their national standards and traditions.. The Jews obtained a wonderful ascendancy in politics, business and the learned professions (in spite of constituting) less than one percent of the population.. The banks, including the Reichsbank and the big private banks, were practically controlled by them. So were the publishing trade, the cinema, the theatres and a large part of the press – all the normal means, in fact, by which public opinion in a civilized country is formed.. The largest newspaper combine in the country with a daily circulation of four millions was a Jewish monopoly… Every year it became harder and harder for a gentile to gain or keep a foothold in any privileged occupation… It was a discrimination that operated without violence. It was exercised by a minority against a majority. There was no persecution, only elimination… It was the contrast between the wealth enjoyed – and lavishly displayed – by aliens of cosmopolitan tastes, and the poverty and misery of native Germans, that has made anti-Semitism so dangerous and ugly a force in the new Europe. Beggars on horseback are seldom popular, least of all with those whom they have just thrown out of the saddle.”

Having read it, wonder how neatly this description depicts the current state of affairs of the United States!

Using 9/11 false flag, although the American Zionist Jews and Israel have very successfully diverted American fury against Muslims, but lately a large section of the population has started seeing through the game, courtesy concerted efforts by their own scientists, architects, engineers, journalists, veterans and ordinary thinking citizens. Confronting American official and MSM lies, Rethink 911, co-sponsored by a coalition of more than 40 organizations, has launched a billboard campaign across America and across the world in an attempt to bring the reality of 9/11 false flag operation to global limelight and force the United States Government to launch fresh, impartial investigations. It is an uphill task against an organized community defended by 96 organizations (for a population of 15 million worldwide), yet, it is a huge way forward from thus far isolated attempts. Muslims in general and Arabs in particular must support this endeavor in the cause of truth and in the cause of their own defense.

As an aside, however Zionist-owned and controlled Western media denounces President Putin, Russians should be highly grateful to him for his timely action against Zionist oligarchs – the Khorodkovskys, the Berezovksys, the Gusinskys, the Fridmans …. At the very first opportunity that came their way (that was during Yeltsin’s chaotic rule), these Zionist “Robber Barons” brought Russian economy on its knees. Had Putin been less ruthless in dealing with them or worried about the Western criticism, consequences for Russia would have been catastrophic. Perhaps Putin had heard about Major-General Ulysses S. Grant and read the text of his Order No.11 (1862)!

From Germany to Russia to the United States — one firm conclusion is that Zionists don’t seem to draw any lessons from their past actions and experiences.

This leads me to ask: If description above of the post-WWI Germany is what led the Germans to rally behind Hitler, should it then surprise Zionists or the world at large if America pops up its own Hitler?


Retired as Professor and Head, Department of Geology & Geophysics (which he founded in 2000), University of Kashmir, M. I. Bhat served for 20 years as a scientist at one of Indian premier research labs, Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Dehra Dun. Other than his research subject, international politics has always been his main attraction. He began writing on this and other topics since 2010. His articles have appeared in Veterans Today, Palestine Chronicle, OpEdNews and Greater Kashmir. Unencumbered by any sort of “cake of custom,’ he believes peace flows from justice, and justice should not entertain considerations other than ‘honest’ facts, that is, Truth.

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  1. claus doehring November 12, 2013 at 8:14 am - Reply

    is not it ironic? what goes around comes around. congratulation. in two ww the USA created it’s own problems.

  2. John Cook November 11, 2013 at 4:04 pm - Reply

    The author says that Israel and Saudi Arabia are afraid of an Iranian Nuke. I don’t think that is true, certainly all seventeen or so of the American security organisations agree that Iran gave up any intention of making a bomb in 2003 .
    They intend to destroy Iran simply because it is successful and thereby stands in the way of those countries maintaining hegamony in the region. Israel in particular must waste Iran to achieve their goal of “Greater Israel”?

  3. HII November 11, 2013 at 5:57 am - Reply

    Guys USA _ now USAs are waking up ?? if yes _ progress is on it way; take it easy.

  4. moose4u2 November 11, 2013 at 12:17 am - Reply

    The jews definitely are ruling America by bribing our politicians .Everyone can see it , they want the USA to fight their wars for them . We the American people better wake up & see whats really going on we are involved in wars in the M E because of Israel even 9-11 was influenced by the jews , This was setup to get us to war in Afghanistan & Pakistan since they( Israelis) were worried that Pakistan had nuclear weapons .Only Israel can have nuclear weapons in M E thanks to US. Playing us like a fiddle, Israelis are slicker than a snot on a hand rail …

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