Americans protest against Syria war in Washington, NYC

Anti-war activists in the United States continue to protest against a potential military strike planned by President Barack Obama against Syria.

Americans protest against Syria war in Washington, NYC

A number of activists and Syrian expatriates gathered on Saturday in Times Square in New York City and outside the White House in Washington to voice their opposition to another war in the Middle East.

The protesters carried signs reading, “No more wars for corporate profit,” and “Cut the Pentagon, not food stamps.”

In front of the White House, some 150 demonstrators called on Congress to reject Obama’s plan for military strike on Syria.

“People are dubious about the intelligence because we aren’t being told much. We aren’t being given any specific details instead we’re being told trust us,” retired US State Department official Ann Wright told Press TV.

Many Republican and Democratic lawmakers are against Obama’s request for Congress to authorize the use of military force against Syria.

Earlier this week, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a measure that would authorize a strike. The first votes by the full Senate could come on Wednesday.

The United States has claimed that the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was behind a deadly chemical weapons attack in the suburbs of Damascus last month, even though there is no evidence linking the attack to the government forces.

A number of recent opinion polls show that the majority of Americans oppose taking military action against the Syrian government.

President Obama is scheduled to make an address from the White House on Tuesday to make his case for military action, a day after Congress reconvenes to discuss his military option for Syria.


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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    I wonder if the media chose the most articulate protestor on purpose? An attack on Syria will serve the Zionist Elite.
    Why would saying “NUKE Israel” be a bad thing ans saying “nuke Syria” be a good thing?
    Nukes are bad. Very bad. Drink beer and smile! Japanese medicine.

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