Americans Sick and Tired of Wars for the Global Elite

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Kurt Nimmo

Establishment apologists step up to dismiss George Washington’s warning

A poll released earlier this week reveals Americans are following the advice of George Washington and Ron Paul that the United States should mind its own business and avoid getting involved in the Ukraine crisis.

Americans Sick and Tired of Wars for the Global Elite

Obama at odds with the American people he supposedly represents.

“The poll reflects a war-weary American public that is still very reticent to get involved in international conflicts,” reports The Washington Post. “The American people were similarly opposed to military intervention in Syria last year, despite President Obama calling for the use of force and seeking congressional approval for action.”

56 percent of respondents to a Pew Research poll said the United States government and military should “not get too involved in the situation,” while 8 percent said the U.S. should consider “military options.” 29 percent said the Obama administration needs to take a “firm stand” against Russia’s supposed incursion into Ukraine.

On Wednesday it was reported Ukraine had conducted a surveillance flight over its border with Russia under the 1992 Open Skies treaty. The flight confirmed Russia has not amassed its military on the border. The coup government in Kyiv claims Russia moved 220,000 troops, 1,800 tanks and 400 helicopters on its eastern border.

Arizona Republican Senator John McCain told Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC last week he did “not see a military option” in Ukraine “and it’s tragic.” He said the United States has not attacked Russia due to Obama’s “feckless” foreign policy and because the administration has “been near delusional in thinking that the Cold War was over.”

Despite McCain’s reproof, Secretary of State John Kerry said earlier this month the administration would be open to using the military against Russia in Ukraine. “The hope of the U.S. and everybody in the world is not to see this escalate into a military confrontation,” he said.

David Brooks, writing for The New York Times on Monday, lamented the war weariness of the American people. He characterized it as Americans believing “that the U.S. should be less engaged in world affairs” and no longer interested in helping “solve the world’s problems.” Always the establishment apologist, Brooks said Americans “have lost faith in the idea that American political and military institutions can do much to shape the world. American opinion is marked by an amazing sense of limitation — that there are severe restrictions on what political and military efforts can do.”

Brooks did not provide specific examples how “political and military efforts” shaped Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. In Libya, for instance, political chaos following the invasion by the United States and NATO in 2011 has paralyzed the country and may result in its break up. Brooks did not bother to mention the niggling fact the participation of the United States in the military effort resulted in an estimated 30,000 dead people. Iraq also faces disintegration along political, ethnic and religious lines.

“Brooks uses the words ‘should be less engaged’ instead of ‘mind its own business’ which is the language that Pew used. But hey, it’s David Brooks. His job is to make government stench come off as potpourri,” writes Chris Rossini.

George W. Bush characterized millions of Americans opposed to the invasion of Iraq as little more than a “focus group” and the Obama administration, despite pledges to the contrary and withered olive branches, has continued the Bush neocon agenda more or less uninterrupted as the script appearing on Obama’s teleprompter demands. McCain and Kerry may talk about militarily confronting a nuclear super power over minor issues in Russia’s backyard, but military action is becoming increasingly circumscribed for the establishment as Americans voice their distaste for endless war.

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