Americans Watch Geordie Shore For The First Time


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  1. My name is Charlotte…I feel so abused ;_; this show ruined my life. It makes me ashamed to be British.

  2. I love geordie shore x omg ❤❤❤❤??

  3. Why do all American
    A think we're obsessed with the queen ??
    I mean yes she an British icon in a way but she's not all we think about 

  4. I paused it when the dude was getting out of bed and ehhhh

  5. Geordies are thick and annoying. Every Geordie I know loves to play the professional Geordie role. Way ay, gazza byker byker, toon, fog on the Tyne etcetera. Thick cunts

  6. I love watching americans trying to understand different british accents its like come on fam

  7. Layla Louis says:

    I'm so used to hearing Zayn talk I actually understood

  8. why the queen likes this show she gets to see the peasants fighting like the gold ole days of her youth (lol cause its a monarchy and kings and queens are notorious for mistreating their people)

  9. Sam Cameron says:

    Who even watches jersey shore it's so boring Geordie shore is way more interesting to watch

  10. anyone else here from newcastle

  11. Evan Bagshaw says:

    I don't watch it but my god I love Charlotte aha cracks me up :D

  12. Welp I found a new show to watch on my friday nights

  13. Phantim3dx says:

    i need to visit the UK and shag me some slags!

  14. Maddie Karta says:

    what episode were they watching

  15. "I need a shower" XD

  16. Erika M says:

    Wait, they don't censor their shows? My curiosity is peaked! xD

  17. Alexis VM says:

    Yall should watch the reaction to this lol

  18. Please do a video where British react to jersey shore!!!!

  19. MspIzzy X says:

    I'm from Newcastle

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