America’s Economic Doom : Documentary on the National Debt and Crumbing Economic System



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  1. lam Moor says:

    People are so ignorant. Debt is Money. The question is who is the Creditor??? Who is the Debtor??? Who is the People???? These are the important questions Politicians are terrified to answer? The bad thing about all this is how much of the United States of America has been raped and trafficked across the World by politicians to Foreign regimens who have US natural resources and Real Estate Names of Citizens used for Collateral

  2. I really liked this program all though it made me mad and even more frustrated with our government and how its owned by the banks and rich who seem to be running our country.

  3. David Jordan says:

    Great documentary, every American (every human should heed Aristotle's warning) should know our history and how we got out from under the heel of the "grand old" European banks and families, only now today to again be in the surf tom of the private money changers. Also there is a very important quote at the 1hr 2min point in this documentary as to what is going on today PLEASE read it, and you will see the Politicians, with Bankers, strategy.

  4. Gary Winter says:

    seems like good thinking but these people " narrating are bought and paid for " ….subliminally thinking of """ THE DEBT " THE DEBT >>>>THE … guessed it the debt

  5. Kevin Lee says:

    This documentary is pure garbage. What a waste of time.

  6. Peter Cooke says:

    no problem tell the banks the people wont pay, now bog off or to jail you go

  7. David Jordan says:

    For the nit-pickers let me clarify upon my previous post please fast forward to 56:08 and pay close attention to who is orca stating the debt based system, and also note the remedy. Do not get hung up on the Gold standard which was utilized then, the instrument they wanted to use is a DEBT BASED SYSTEM, the remedy is a NON DEBT BASED SYSTEM.

  8. 1Life Resist says:

    This must be the most important video I've seen in my fucking life!

  9. dcos5 says:

    If I take away one thing from this, it's that we don't fucking learn from the past.

  10. Banks cannot lend reserves which are by definition assets of banks at the Central Bank and central bank liabilities (if viewed from the central bank side of the balance sheet.) . First warning sign of bullshit. Second is spooky background music and conspiracy thinking.

  11. the country can get of debt by WW3…. One world government then they wont have anybody to be in debt too…

  12. Rip Drybone says:

    The national debt is a figment of the imagination

  13. If our country is so in debt, how is it that they keep spending as much money as they want to year after war after new health care laws? If we really are so in debt, then who's the dumb ass that keeps loaning us money? There ain't no debt. "The National Debt" got wiped off the books years ago. But they keep up the propaganda so that we are always under this "We're really broke" cloud. The Federal Reserve does and has been doing exactly what you said in the beginning: they just create numbers on a computer out of thin air. Do they think we're stupid? I guess most of us are who can't awaken themselves to the reality going on all around us.

  14. HEINRICXVI says:

    That's what Jews are programmed for.

  15. Phizzhead says:


  16. the wizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzard!

  17. Dapper Dan says:

    excellent! thank you

  18. After watching this I still think gold backed money is the answer. However I agree central banks are a stupid idea also. Money needs to be backed by something or it is just paper that politicians can create, devaluing the money in your pocket every time they do, and they will to get elected. The Problem is if the gold supply is not controlled by the people also, gold smiths then become the central bank by default :/

  19. VidShowcase says:

    Is there something better than gold for backing a nation's currency?

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