America’s Forgotten Victims

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Jim Kirwan

This 1978 psy-op was launched against the public, in the guise of “providing assistance” to crime-victims. In reality this was done to put millions of Americans into the mindset which created “Victimhood” in order to make state & federal funds available to the poor. The entire program turned out to be a farce, just like Obama’s Unaffordable Deathcare Plan. Forgotten Victims was introduced on April Fools Day and none of its phone lines worked then either. (1)

America’s Forgotten Victims

Simultaneously Americans were being conned into what we now see as the silent and expectant public which has become totally subservient to this illegal-government at all levels from local through state and federal. “Forgotten- Victims” are being created by law-enforcement itself, in the hundreds of thousands each and every year since the New Millennium began. (2)

By 1980 when Deukmejian became governor and Ronald Reagan became the resident-dictator; all the pieces were in place. I was wrong yesterday when I said that it took “37 years” to go from 1978 to now.

“The end of us” happened in just two years. By 1980 the entire plan for this attack upon the roots of America was firmly in place, and I unwittingly helped that to happen…

This was ancient history as far as today’s-creatures are concerned but nevertheless, this was the groundwork that set the scene. Ronnie-the-puppet was put there to privatize the entire nation, just as he had privatized California while he was governor.

Reagan opened the illegal-flood-gates which created the totally false-flag movement of illegal immigrants: The same illegals that have undermined millions of U.S. jobs.

Since 1980 the government has supported what has now become over 44 million illegal ‘workers’ during the 33 years that Reagan’s illegal program existed. In fact it’s still in-place today: Which is why Obama needs to white-wash this massive- criminality with more fake-laws. This was necessitated because the Attorney General is a criminal himself, along with Obama because bot of these traitors managed to get themselves entangled in “Fast & Furious” right up to their lying eyes.

Obama’s “Pathway to Hell” would not have been possible or needed without this additional pre-positioning. This deception, to justify the war on America, has spread throughout the nation, to the very roots of the American-way of life which has to begin with a decent job!

This is ancient history to some. If we don’t look at it now – then Obama will get away with his attempt to avoid prosecution, while he continues to pimp for the millions of illegals and spits on the entire American work force.

The third massive change that Reagan brought to the nation was his introduction of “Freedom Fighters”. They were “Death Squads” then: Which will soon morph into the DHS killers of all our tomorrows—unless this treason gets imploded now!

These private-forces from the 80’s and 90’s were backed all-the-way by the criminal-administration. Their goal was to destabilize the Central and South American states. The hemisphere then was trying to free itself from U.S.-directed hemisphere-wide-aggression and the murderous-takeover that still lingers there and elsewhere today.

American’s have seen the tanks, the armored personnel-carriers, the drones, the billions upon billions of hollow-point bullets along with their check-points that are beginning to appear around the country. The government has openly shown us their heavy weapons, their stealth-weapons, and their robotic ‘soldiers’ in ski-masks armed to the teeth, that are now being used against any demonstrators that venture forth. But since they have not completed the privatization of these mercenaries, they still have real problems: For “Deception” to be effective, it must remain hidden…

The children they hired for Obama’s Grand Civilian Army that is supposedly required “to protect the criminals in government, the banks, the corporations and virtually all the Zionistas” that need to be protected from angry and armed citizens: Cannot be used to intimidate anyone ­ and this government KNOWS that!

That’s why Obama has to wait to roll-out the privatization of the new Civilian Army of Mercenaries with their track-record of mass-murder, torture and terror: Because otherwise, ordinary Americans can’t be properly terrorized by a bunch of ex-gang members and coffee-jerks in “U.S. uniforms” who won’t last five minutes in any real battles.

What makes this so hideous is that it’s still being hidden today, inside the stealth-privatization of DHS. These traitors don’t want the public to see this before they’ve finished “rolling-out” the privatized military they’ve designed to use against every man, woman and child in America.

Yukon Jack, crashed head-on into these outlaw’s yesterday!

“Imagine what happens when D.C. is vaporized, all of our problems are instantly solved without some lengthy painful reform process where we are tortured for another century as the demented thinking bureaucrats try to fix the problems they’ve created. With the central whorehouse gone guess what happens next? Freedom. No more forms to fill out, no more false flag security terror, no more regulations telling us how to behave, no more lessons on morality from an infested ball of tapeworms. And just think, no more fishing licenses, like they own the fish anyways.

The Scum Sucking Whores We Call Congress

How disgusting is Congress? How treasonous is Congress? How whored to Israel is the Congress of the United States? When psychopath, war monger, America-hater Netanyahu gave a speech about his country our elected representatives could barely stay sitting, they kept jumping up with great energy clapping like penguins high on crack. I’m calling it, that was the moment in time of peak whore doom, when the scum sucking carp on the Potomac showed the world their true whore colors of blue and white. Packed to the gills like carp slurping bread in a Koi pond, our Congress knows who’s their sugar daddy. Unfrackingbelievable and recorded live for all to see how sold down the river the American state is slaved to Israel. What pathetic fools. They will pay for this crime of treason…” (3)

Are you ready America?

The first time America found out about privately funded mercenary army’s, BLACKWATER-XE-Academi; was at the center of that obscenity. They have changed their name so many times, trying to reinvent themselves while losing their hideously criminal-reputation, in the world.

Here’s one place to start digging! (4)

As you go forward you will find that in reality there are now hundreds of private-security-forces available to anyone with the money to hire them. However, what the government needs is a huge clearing-house, in the intelligence and the death-squad business to manage the new American Civilian Army which is slated to replace America’s armed forces—who are currently almost exclusively overseas. They have been beaten-up, broken and disillusioned, on top of already having lost in Both Iraq and Afghanistan.

The America military is being hollowed out by Obama as we speak. Between five and seven generals have been fired to go with ‘others’ he’s already fired. Obama personally knows absolutely nothing about anything military. Still he is terrified that the existing U.S. Military might turn on him and mutiny! These firings are not helping Obama to quietly hire the kinds of forces he wants to use against American’s inside the U.S.

Consequently Obama and the bankers have this problem. The need to intensify the threat to all Americans, but they can’t seem to fill the gap by just hiring private military contractors as mercenaries are probably too expensive, but whoever they hire has to be “experienced”. So pulling-this rabbit out of that hat, is what is being hidden behind first, ‘The Obama Unaffordable Deathplan” to be immediately followed by “The Road to Hell” which is Obama’s illegal-immigration-program that has been designed to end American Jobs and American life as it once was?

This is the home-stretch people, the final stealth-weapon designed to take us all out of the equation. This was never-real in any strategic or military way; it’s just the follow-on from PNAC and their brainstorm of

‘What’s needed is (yet) another Pearl Harbor’.

Since “False-Flags” have run their course it’s time to return again to the same greasy-trough to use the financial collapse, coupled with the massive disaster of the DEATHCARE plan along with cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medical, in combination with cutting VA checks while the government disallows use of the VA as being a viable Healthcare component whenever the Deathcare Plan comes up.

Between all of these horrifically increased nightmares, Obama Inc. is betting between the bankruptcies the homelessness and the sheer poverty – most Americans won’t even notice that have become ~

America’s Truly Forgotten Victims!

It’s up to us to make sure that this does not happen. So Again,

Are You Ready America?

1) Changes Under Tyranny

2) California’s Forgotten Victims of Violent Crime

3) Scum Suckers of the Potomac

4) List of Military Contractors

Jim Kirwan

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  1. 5 War Veteran October 23, 2013 at 12:13 am - Reply

    You are not a victim when you choose to sit on your ass and take free handouts. You are an opportunistic pig.

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