America’s “Netanyahu Shut Down”

Gordon Duff
Call it a plague of coincidences. The day the US government is shut down, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu comes to the United States.

America’s “Netanyahu Shut Down”

Is he there to celebrate the warm relationship between two nations? The US has just backed away from every Israeli “red line,” Syria, Iran and has even begun pushing for a Palestinian settlement again.

Something only the Israeli papers noticed: When Netanyahu’s rambling, hate filled diatribe at the United Nations was due to be broadcast on American television networks, it was preempted by President Obama making an “emergency announcement” that was almost, word for word, identical to his talk only hours before.

The real messages, the real “slaps in the face,” are subtle.

Was Obama actually defending Netanyahu from his own hubris? The following unedited excerpt from the White House press conference is a clear indication of the very real extreme distance between US and Israeli policy.

No publication or media outlet cited this startling shift in US policy and the revelations that led to it.

Obama diplomatically calls Netanyahu a “Liar”

Here is another one, in the transcript of the Obama/Netanyahu press conference, sourced directly from the White House website:

“We had an opportunity to discuss the situation in Syria. Obviously, we have a broad set of strategic concerns in Syria. We are both pleased that there is the possibility of finally getting chemical weapons stockpiles out of Syria. But I think we both share a deep concern that we have to be able to verify and enforce what has now been agreed to at the United Nations. Chemical weapons inside of Syria obviously have threatened Syrian civilians, but over the long term also pose a threat to Israel. And we want to make sure that we get those indiscriminate, horrible weapons out of there. “

Netanyahu was aghast, the weapons that were Assad’s had now become “indiscriminate” with no mention of who used them, who made them or how they got to Syria.

Israel’s Syria plot foiled

Only two weeks before, Secretary of State Kerry stated that US intelligence had proof; communications intercepts and other “unspecified intelligence” which he said “proved” the Assad government had been responsible for Sarin attacks near Damascus.

Two weeks later, President Obama, with Netanyahu sitting next to him, has backed away from those assertions. Why?

President Obama had not been informed that the only source for the false information Kerry embarrassingly spouted was the Mossad, an organization whose only purpose is openly stated to be “War through Deception.” From an article by Ed Morrissey:

“It is “crystal clear” that Syrian President Bashar Assad used chemical weapons five days ago in an attack that killed hundreds of people, International Relations Minister Yuval Steintz said Monday.

Steinitz, speaking at a press conference sponsored by the Jerusalem Press Club, said that this was the first time chemical weapons were used on a mass scale against civilians…

Why is Steintz so convinced it was Assad and not the al-Qaeda affiliates who deployed the chemical weapons? According to the German news magazine Focus, the IDF intercepted high-level communications in the Syrian government at the time, and has the record of orders to use the weapons:

‘According to the findings of Israeli intelligence community, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is responsible for the gas attack in Damascus,’ reports the publication.

According to FOCUS, the IDF’s Unit 8200, the IDF’s signals intelligence unit, had intercepted communications of the Syrian army during the attack.

‘A former Mossad officer told FOCUS the analysis has clearly shown that the bombardment with poison gas missiles was made by Syrian government forces,’ reports the publication.”

John Schindler, a professor at the US Naval War College confirmed, through Twitter, that Israel was the only source for Kerry’s “intelligence,” their “United 8200,” listed as SIGINT but actually a “psychological warfare and deception” unit.

Netanyahu, Obamacare and the banksters

As the Republican Party had once been the party of big business and the rich, it has now become little more than a mechanism for expressing Israeli rule of America. Key to that rule is unregulated financial sectors free to “pump and dump” stock markets, free to bleed American families and businesses with a corrupt insurance and health care industry and free to inflict endless war, oil and drugs, corruption and thuggery.

False flag terrorism, a Mossad specialty, keeps the wheels greased. Bribery and blackmail is very much a part.

Netanyahu’s visit on the eve of the shutdown of America’s government had a second purpose, to give instructions to his “toadies” in the Tea Party and GOP.

Americans had been told, though the corporate media, that the Republican Party was in an internal war against the Tea Party, characterized as extremist fanatics whose agenda runs counter to real “conservative values” and the America’s wellbeing.

However, the shutdown wasn’t just “Tea Party” nor is it just in the House of Representatives but rather involves all Republicans, including those groups we are told are at war with one another.

With so many issues dividing the opposition party, only one force could unite them against American interests. That issue is simple, orders from above.

By “above,” we mean orders from the international criminal conspiracy represented by Netanyahu, perhaps the most buffoonish politician of our era.

Bibi’s revenge

Today, American veterans are unable to receive even emergency healthcare. Netanyahu and his henchmen are still blocking even this, though three separate provisions have been introduced to extend medical care to America’s military families and veterans.

Thus far, the GOP (Grand Old Party, the “Republicans) have continued to sabotage these efforts, an act that is pure political suicide for them. America’s sick and disabled war heroes are being used to blackmail the Obama presidency.

This is the hand of Netanyahu, as certain as day is day.

Betrayal of Israel

The real betrayal of Israel is Netanyahu’s continued mindless belligerence. Time and time again, Netanyahu has stated that Israel’s real military power is based on its ability to manipulate America to fight unjust wars of aggression.
However, those wars never do anything for Israel or its people, they only aid organized crime, drug runners, human traffickers and financial criminals.

The rulers of Israel are very much a part of this very international power elite. The Israeli people, not so much. At least they don’t have to fight wars, not since being humiliated by Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006.

Israel is unlikely to every fight again. Surrogates are doing that for them, first the United States and now al-Qaeda.

Or was al-Qaeda always “them?”


Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran, a combat infantryman, and Senior Editor at Veterans Today. His career has included extensive experience in international banking along with such diverse areas as consulting on counter insurgency, defense technologies or acting as diplomatic representative for UN humanitarian and economic development efforts. Gordon Duff has traveled to over 80 nations. His articles are published around the world and translated into a number of languages. He is regularly on TV and radio, a popular and sometimes controversial guest.

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  1. bill ford says:

    Shame Israel and their leader do not have the power that is described here. if they did we would not have the mess we have. What garbage. This author pro0abbly believes Hitler was a social reformer and the gulags were summer camps too. Disgusting.

    • Chaos says:

      Wow, Smoke another one Bill Ford. Israel has plenty of power and they use Surrogates to do it and get their Cannon Fodder butchered and Killed instead of their own Jewish Blood Line. I don’t see the Connection between Hitler , the Gulags and the current situation but I am not smoking the Crap you are obviously smoking. Israel has the World’s Most Efficient Military (Paid for by US Taxpayer 3 Billion annual Gift Dollars appropriated by the ZOG). Israel has Chemical Weapons and plenty of NUKES. At the Lowest Estimate they have some 30 Nukes, Higher Estimates put the count closer to 90. They don’t sound weak to me, but I am not smoking the Shit you are. If you really are a Ford, then try reading Henry Ford’s Dearborn Independent (when you are sober) and learn about the Warnings issued about ” the Self Chosen People” by an American Patriot Henry Ford. Or just go back to Bowing and Worshiping your Six Point Masters!

    • John Cook says:

      Idiot or shill.
      Zionism is a threat to the whole world – we would be so much better off if hitler Had in fact gassed six million Jews. Unfortunately he didn’t. We definitely need a new “anti-askenazi” feeling to arise. No problem with real Jews but these eastern Europian Askenazi “Jews” are a pox on humanity.

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