AMERICA’S World War 3 is Coming Shocking Predictions Coming True


Henry Kissinger said: ” If I can not hear the drums of war You must be deaf .” Former Secretary of State said some things very shocking again in 2011 .


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  1. With today's bombs and technologies. If a WW3 did start. Few to none will survive cause there will be just a bunch of bombs going around everywhere

  2. peter WA says:

    lets go to war and everybody DIE

  3. MrStevestr says:

    Make sure you do the Internet IQ test before you watch this,  mandatory,  If you beleive this you are certafiably retarded ,  but thats ok,  as  Fox News is targetting the retarded !

  4. Give a corrupt government the most powerful force in history the U.S.military and what do you expect? They want to go to war cause they know they'll win and make them more money.

  5. inrx8 says:

    There is something going on but this video is BS

  6. Solid Python says:

    War, war never changes

  7. which music you used?

  8. Enna Sonwat says:

    AMERICA'S World War 3 is Coming Shocking Predicti…:

  9. if we head into another world war we need to make sure that the elitist are the first to be taken out!

  10. William Lee says:

    Tried without success after typing in comment @ rt "watching the hawks". Damn near impossible. Finally gave up. Will never try again. Complete waste of my time as was viewing "watching the hawks". Everything from loud intro to bad content.

  11. Western people It's time to realize we're programmed to be good. Starting from video games we are always the good guys. Just think for a minute… Who is really the good guys?

    Like in every movie or books, the good guys are the ones who are always blamed and targeted.

    Blame – blame or approve the viciousness of another person, as a rule, in order to justify the evil that we have done. The Devil's Dictionary

  12. There is growing hatred of the US from an ever expanding number of countries all over the world. The US is dictating who can and cannot have nuclear weapons and they are the only country that has employed them (really stupid).  They have invaded virtually every Central and South American country in one capacity or another.  I am certain that there are a lot of people in this world that want this to stop. The Bush administration, I believe, sealed the fate of the United States, and our current administration is continuing that pathway.

  13. Durjoy Xane says:

    WW3 must happen in order to build a New World . I'm with USA . HOOOOOHAAAAA

  14. Johnny S says:


  15. Fred Server says:

    Got to love the mantle Americans always give themselves – the WE part. WE let the Chinese, WE allowed the…etc.
    You didn't allow or let anybody. You are just America…. not the governors of the world.
    It must be instilled from birth because any American I hear speak presumes that they are in charge of world affairs.

    America is in charge of itself and nobody else. Other countries and nations will do whatever they please regardless of what the USA say they will do. They are the playground bullies that keep getting their noses punched.
    If WW3 comes about, it will be because of the USA's meddling in things that don't concern them.

    Think on this; the methods of war have changed radically since the 2nd world war. America opened Pandora's box when they dropped nuclear bombs on Japan. Two bombs and it was all over. All major Countries (and many minor ones) have hundreds and thousands of these bombs many times more powerful.
    Should WW3 happen it would be over in weeks with everyone lobbing these bombs at each other. And….. most would be lobbing theirs at the USA.
    The new world would not include the USA as it would have been totally annihilated and unfit for human habitation

  16. Jeff Riles says:

    the love of money is the root of all evil

  17. Sean Curtis says:

    The international bankers sit back and laugh their billionaire asses off while we take loans to make weapons and kill each other. freekin U.S is ro blame for its hands down greed. There is no reason why we can't live in a shared financial world. china and Russia already proposed a world currency that would benefit everyone but of course the freekin jews said no.

  18. sector7 33 says:

    the world leaders should just settle this crap in the ufc ring if they must get violent …less deaths + theyll be alive still …..

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