An Open Secret: A documentary on Hollywood Pedophelia.


Amy Berg Produced a documentary on Hollywood Pedophelia. This is the hypocrisy when we speak about Nate Parker.


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  1. hollywood should be BOMBED!
    homosexuality and pedophilia are closely related. Disgusting vipers from hell
    Close that place down arrest this scum and people stop watching their FILTH!!

  2. shawn170204 says:

    Parents put too much trust into people that really were strangers to them and their kids. The parents really knew nothing about these men that were around their children.

  3. Mark Jacobs says:

    I can't watch anymore. 20 minutes too long. I remember that episodes on Different Strokes and I was young too , also thought it was sick then.

  4. Great documentary to warn all the wanna be's out there, that to chase a dream, especially in Hollywood, there most possibly will be a price to pay, that your not aware , before it's too late, that the cost was to high.

  5. Please don't forget that a lot of these children were secretly drugged and given Alcohol. All of these adults should be in jail for the crime of child endangerment alone! These children are victims and it's very sad and disturbing to see these pedophiles get away with their crimes!

  6. And Michael Jackson is the fall guy of the real pedos of Hollywood.

  7. 6672rock says:

    I remember seeing that episode of Different Strokes when I was a kid, and on a gut level, I knew I was creeped out by it, but I was too young at the time to process it all and understand it. Looking back on it now, it was quite telling about the pedophilia that runs rampant in Hollywood. My God, that town is a total cesspool of depravity!

  8. it's not just Hollywood that is full of bad people, perverts and sick and perverted people, all you have to do is read some of the comments on these postings and you'll see that many of you are just as sickening as those perverts and mean spirited people that work in the Hollywood industry, you are what you are but you can't categorize all Hollywood child actors as kids or parents taas greedy for money and fame so that's the reason they go to Hollywood, more times than many children and people in general go into because acting is a beautiful art that a human being can use to fulfill a spiritual need and and a beautiful purposes, it's just too bad that there are sick people just as in other business, that use this media to find and go after the innocence of some children and greed parents to satisfy their "wants" but is the parent's responsibility to watch their child and make sure their child is not sexually abuse, like at Ron Howard, and many other kids that grew up to stay in the business and now that they are older they still state they love the business.

  9. Who controls "Holly"wood?
    The 13th Tribe.
    Rev 2:9

  10. Piece of shit Bryan singer ??& those perverted pieces of shit! Hollywood blows! Never understood why ppl want to be famous. Seems like everyone sells their soul out there! May they die horrible deaths!

  11. kobakgb says:

    144 hollywood pedo;s dislike this video

  12. LSweet2007 says:

    It has nothing about being gay!? That act itself is gay. BULLSHIT!

    This is the same bullshit Trump does with the woman in the beauty contest he runs and owns.

  13. delon a says:

    Shocking that the liberal Hollywood is filled with sick gay perverts! Of course they all support Hillary and the rapist Bill Clinton.

  14. Free Choice says:

    Oh how shocking that a bunch of kids left in the hands of strangers get raped because their parents and guardians were more concerned with the money and fame. I'm sure a few dinner parties and holiday get together's are more than enough for one to truly know who they are dealing with…just ask any victim of family abuse in which they grew up with and spent years believing they could trust…only to one day find they couldn't. But I'm sure a complete stranger who strategically places themselves in positions where they can be alone with kids would never do such a thing according to the parents of these kids. Also the kids should not have been raised to be so fucking needy and wanting of things like fame and attention…maybe then they wouldn't simply allow some old dude to touch their shit. I had some old dude try to make me show him my stuff when I was 9 and even though I didn't know what sex was or what he wanted…I most certainly knew that I didn't want to and so I ran and told mummy like any other kid should feel they should and can do. To many kids are raised to believe their elders are of some kind of authority simply because they are older especially if they are in uniform. Sometimes respecting your elders can get you in some unsavory situations and so maybe kids should be edumacated a little better on such a subject.

  15. At 1:06 when Marty says that animals don't care about age…they do NOT mate with the young…so that is just bullshit and it makes me so sick…

  16. DubbCMDBGM says:

    All I wanted to do was beat michael harrah to death with a pipe while watching this & I mean every blow straight to the face

  17. nuwavghost says:

    These pædophiles ARE gay. They rape boys.

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