Analysis of Bill Clinton’s Interview on UFOs with Jimmy Kimmel


Syfy Channel’s Ben Hansen from “Reality or Faked” analyzes former President Monthly bill Clinton’s interview on Jimmy Kimmel on April two, 2014. Kimmel requested Clinton concerns about his efforts to glance into UFO files. Did Clinton uncover nearly anything in the files? Did he know extra than he was telling? Would he inform the community if he realized we had been frequented? Hansen makes use of non-verbal interaction strategies to give a systematic breakdown of the entire interview section on the UFO/alien subject matter. If you watch to the finish, you may be amazed at what is learned.


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  1. Awesome video! Just subscribed! ?

  2. pink pony says:

    and if you play Clinton's comments backward at 1/4 speed……you hear him repeatedly say……2017 will end all.

  3. Bill Hue says:

    Hi just found your channel,you seam to be interested in Ufos and aliens and what your government has to say,to help you understand all about this subject,there is life beyond this earth,they live here they help us against other aliens,your army has a craft built by humans works in a similar way like a boy would make a model plane compared to a jet your government can't tell you ,do you understand.the so called greys are a like a biological manufactured being ,they are like robots only biological.just understand the ones that crash are shot down ,your government cleans these events don't concearn have so many things to deal with .

  4. Micke says:

    Have watched both Obama and Bill interview.
    They both do know more than they are admitting.

    So my question is, WHAT do they know? That there are alien forms of life? Maybe not living among us, but there is proof about them existing?

    I am certain they are hiding a mountain of information that they cant disclose! I can tell when a person is lying, both of them are hiding/duping their answers!

    Just look at Bill, "yes i would tell you"
    Oh man he is not going to tell us jack shit! Never ever! Thats why he is closing hes eyes, shaking hes head. That one is sealed within himself never seeing daylight!

    So i think we can conclude with absolute certainty that they do know something! Their body language is telling us that they know something, but what?

  5. I want to say that technology and the great knowledge mankind has been able to discover must come from some higher source, now on the other end, im a believer that so called ALIENs refer to any entidy that is not human per say… so we've learned through research that many goverments an the US as no exception has gone through dark paths to get it, if you know what I mean so there will be a point in time that these things will become a reality, once people's minds are very well conditioned to see it as normal…. as we are still in process…

  6. tiffsaver says:

    I've been a UFO investigator since 1969. But you don't have to be an expert on kinesiology, or anything else, to correctly analyze what Bill Clinton said, or more importantly, DIDN'T say on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. If you simply carefully listen to Clinton's answer again, his answer is as clear as mud… "There are no alien bodies at Roswell." Here is why his answer is both truthful and deceptive, and it has nothing at all to do with his hidden body language or anything else. JUST BECAUSE HE SAID THAT THERE ARE NO ALIEN BODIES AT ROSWELL, DOESN'T MEAN THAT ALIENS DON'T EXIST. So taken in this context, there are probably no dead aliens there, but that doesn't preclude the fact THAT THERE ARE ALIEN BODIES AT OTHER HIDDEN MILITARY LOCATIONS, such as Wright Patterson AFB and other locations throughout the country. Bill is a clever guy, but he's also an inveterate, experienced liar, exactly like Hillary, bless her soul.

    It is obvious to me that he was given his pre-planned answer by someone in the security field knowledgable about UFOS, and how by using clever language, you can totally mislead the public, without actually lying. This is the same shell game the US government has been playing since 1947. This is just my opinion, but I believe it is the correct one.

  7. Very interesting video, great points of view and well put together!

  8. Man it is so obvious to me with all the evidence out there that bill was lying.

  9. "i did not have sex with that alien… Zbotzhig Flumshax" -Bill Clinton, under oath.

  10. Fecalage says:

    If I were trying to hide a captured UFO or alien, I wouldn't hide it on the base that everyone suspects. Anything at Area 51 is likely long gone.

  11. TOPSAY .TV says:

    forget everything else. that jaw clinching is snuff for me. i already clocked this during the original video

  12. I knew Clinton was Alien!

  13. In the Last answer when he says yes and closes his eyes, there is a blink moment when seems to be terrorized

  14. Matt Bruce says:

    A good president should not actually like being president!

  15. Hey Ben, this subject of presidential access is pretty complicated. Having said that, I believe Bill and Hillary know more than most. Still, there are things he wanted to know he couldn't get at. That is a matter of record. The Bushes know quite a bit more – and George Sr. blew off Carter when asked. For presidents this is a matter of frustration, understandably so. Individuals over the history of this associated in some way, through military incursions or scientific studies or political inquiry, have had to cope with high stress levels related to the subject. The kinds of stress run the gamut from knowing you are being lied to, to seeing the phenomenon in person. There is so much at stake and everyone who looks into it, gets to a certain level of understanding of the matter knows that. Here we are – an advancing civilization nearly ready to begin the era of migrating to other planets, so we are no longer so damn stupid that we can be lied to easily, and yet the political establishment continues – behind the curve of understanding that the public generally has – doing just that. The US government is so good at keeping things obfuscated that it is the belief of that government that this is within its absolute rights. The science and historical scholarly communities – are generally very far behind the curve of serious researchers who delve into the matter deeply. Historical studies are a necessary aspect of research if we are to ever realize the relational aspect of UFO presence. Certainly studying incursions, activity and actions of UFO around nuclear weapons will get one wondering if that relationship exists – the next logical step is to do those types of studies. It is better than panning for gold. How we all respond to the subject – including presidents – is with discomfort. We, including most presidents, just don't have the need to know. Any president is uncomfortable with that fact. Perhaps asking the president or anyone in government is the wrong way to go about it. Expose the truth without the government's involvement and at some point they will be able to point and say "yeah, what he said". The trick is staying alive while getting that information out. Minor Detail… It's that serious.

  16. renlo77 says:

    …and also Kimmel knows what hes doing,he used the same technique on Obama and it worked.I think Jimmy was also satisfied with the 'non-verbal' answers and reactions from both Obama and Bill… maybe you should analyse him too – just a sugestion … thanks for the hard work btw really enjoyed those vids

  17. David Perry says:

    Why would he go on the Kimmel show when he was told In advanced that he would have to answer the UFO question In the first place? I hope that makes since…

  18. RENE says:

    Its gonna be a fake ass hologram, loud ass, alien invasion to bring forth a new global order. And then i wont be able to do anymore metal music.Thanks alot enlightened ones.

  19. RENE says:

    Its a fake ET invasion coming.

  20. glenn p says:

    I just thought about this but what if the extra terrestrial are the ones not wanting the public to know and if we found out they would destroy us.

  21. Vincent says:

    Now analyze the interview again thinking Clinton could be a reptilian alien.

  22. It's so simple, without all the analyzing, to tell when Clinton is lying. His lips are moving.

  23. Harry Lumley says:

    look im sick of waiting for these scum to tell us the truth, they are paid liars they aint goin tell us shit unless they bloody land on whitehouse lawn or something like that so don't hold your breath, just look at the evidence and what we know, a huge vast universe and us, we are the only show in town? i call bs, earth is most definitely not the only show in town there has to be more than just life on this mudball, how arrogant and deluded are us humans? we are led by the least among us, paid liars in charge will tell us nowt if it threatens the elites and there comfy existence, think for yourselfs. i believe we are not alone. and no elite puppet or scum politician or thieving bankers will tell me different. i think for myself. WE ARE NOT ALONE.

  24. Great work, cheers! Just to add that Bill refers to the movie 'Independence Day' which has 3 aliens but talks about 1 big alien which has probably been moved since so he was off the hook there. Later on Kimmel mentions 3 bodies and I think Clinton realises his slight gaff. You can see he has a script that is designed to break the news to the humans slowly and that's why he says 'yes' to that question at around 27:00. When being deceitful a person can jump say/confirm the honest bit of the story too quickly and Kimmel caught him out for sure.

  25. This whole video was a big grand stretch.

  26. This was awesome, thank you!

  27. Dale Erwin says:

    I think Mr. Hanson's final statements concerning his conclusions after his analysis describe the actions of any politician, especially during an interview. I believe them all to be corrupt and always on guard about saying too much about anything. This time, it just happened to be about UFO's. My personal opinion is that this analysis is entirely inconclusive insofar as the UFO/alien question is concerned. Do I believe he may have been withholding information? Absolutely. I just don't know about what. Politicians have so many things to hide.

  28. Rick James says:

    Wonderful video and a brilliant analogy. Great work!

  29. Dusk Renard says:

    he's try in to say Hillary Clinton is an alien haha

  30. TheMattd546 says:

    Every time he clinches his jar. He lies. so he lied 4 times on certain subjects especially at the end when he said "Yes I would say if I knew"

  31. TheMattd546 says:

    You are right about him crossing his legs and getting a better grip on the chair. Remember when president Nixon was being pressed for the Watergate scandal when he got to the podium he had that same "defensive, hiding something" look to him

  32. TheMattd546 says:

    What I got out of when he said "we had all the papers reviewed" was he actually didn't get any papers reviewed. He didn't have to because he already knew what was going on BUT to sound more convincing to the people watching he had to make up something that insist he "didn't know anything about it so he had to ask to see the paperwork" when in reality he KNEW what was going on there AND IF he told the truth then he might of slipped up so he uses this I had the papers reviewed" instead

  33. TheMattd546 says:

    Don't forget Presidents learn how to throw off truth detectors and analysis. BUT i'm great at reading people and I agreed with pretty much all you stated.

  34. Bill Clinton got a Blowjob from an Alien in the Lincon Bedroom Allegedly. He stuck a cigar in it's butthole & smelled it & said "this smells good" Allegedly. This was before he did it to Monica Lewinsky Allegedly

  35. [ aloha ]
    "neither do I!"

  36. didn't watch the whole thing, but

    illuminati confirmed?

  37. edgensteel1 says:

    the longer I view the more I see how you cut the film to make your point. I wonder how your points and view would be seen if they where edited the same

  38. edgensteel1 says:

    sorry man  you are a tit

  39. Unidentified Fingering Object?

  40. Hillary on Kimmel? 😀

  41. What're you, a psychiatrist?

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