Ananta Jalil is Illuminati Confirmed



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  1. hahahahh…….what a outstanding combination… :p :p

  2. Dhi Man says:

    Man sister university ! ?
    speechless ?

  3. Hahahah, u just got urself a subscriber my boy ?. Funny illuminati jokes about bd people. ? hell ya


  5. Yens Bird says:

    I knew that making impossible things possible is the job of ananta jolil..
    but now I think it's ur job
    oshombhob ke shombhob Kora ….. Karo ekta kaj…?

  6. abhas ahmed says:

    সেইরে ভাই!???

  7. Nazmul Agent says:

    Need to know how did you make the voice?

  8. Roxy Roy says:

    give that man an Oscar who made this

  9. Rizwan Khan says:

    Whoever has made this has that level of humour ????????????????????

  10. Female rhymes with Shemale, Ananta Jalil is shemale!!

  11. Azar Khan says:

    Why can't Bangladeshi people understand the comedy in this? ?

  12. Rohan Roy says:

    hoy shit,apni ananta jalil er manshomman Ural dilen

  13. el Neo says:

    fukin cunt kill urself

  14. apni ki peladophobianer fan? lol.U are copying him plz dont mind….byw awesome vid

  15. everybody has one belly button and two nipples

  16. Sami Rhoman says:

    shemale hahahahaha lol

  17. এইটারে বলে ট্যালেন্ট ???

    ভাই , আপনারা প্রত্যেক সপ্তাহে ভিডিও আপ করেন না কেন? ???

  18. Oh my god this got me in tears ?????

  19. rg1283 says:

    Literally the most epic thing on the Internet.

  20. how did you get the voice?

  21. Wash yourself of yourself. Is it fun really? You are sick.

  22. “If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?” Rumi

  23. MD Shakil says:

    You are disgusting dude, just a backbiter.

  24. DinoFied says:

    best chanel ever

  25. Subrata Das says:

    whoah! whoah! whoah!

  26. Rahatil Khan says:

    Hahahaha epic! laughed more than I should have keep up the good work guys!

  27. Bhai bondho Koren doya kore eigula

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