ANC Illuminati confirmed!


South African elected parliament “specialists” calling every single other names this kind of as telly tubby like in kinder back garden. Parliament is in Chaos is there a Illuminati conspiracy at get the job done right here?


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  1. hard stuff. more confusing than helping

  2. well a south african video what makes sense shocking

  3. mr T says:

    i knew it the Zumanuti

  4. really?? The illuminati is in south africa?? i just hope they did not clone Zuma…we dont need more of him

  5. Jy is KAK DOM my skat…

    fucksakes …?

  6. Hahaha! Kudlalwa ngabantu apho. Awukho wonke lo vobe!

  7. hahahaha what the hell was up with that 7 + 3 and the 6/2 garbage???? Zuma and Illuminati. lol

  8. Lwanda Gaika says:

    ohh lol …..Americans an their bullshit….but I will say this. ….futsek inja! !!!!

  9. lool…you crazy….a way too crazy…ofcourse you tried making sense but ….its just crazy

  10. Dirk Joubert says:

    Hahahah, I live in South-Africa.
    And to tell you the truth about this country, it's really chaos!
    The ANC is a communist party that was formed by Joe Slovo( look him up). Nelson Mandela is seen often showing the communist fist and clear signgs of communism.
    Although this is a joke video, some truth is in it. The ANC is a communist party and is actually really Illumunati Confirmed.

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  12. haaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha ????????????????????????

  13. haaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha ????????????????????????

  14. Avram Ruben says:

    Are you saying the Illuminati created the ANC to deports all Caucasian from Southern African territories?

  15. What? you mean that is the reason why it got many followers and ruled this many years.

  16. Top5 Zjuchi says:

    lmfao these dumb Africans in the comments? this is just a joke it used to go viral "illuminati confirmed" y'all dumb af

  17. :''''D… Well this was funny

  18. Viola Mbele says:

    An American accent, stupid maths to prove his point? Sorry, try again and this time with real facts, bye!

  19. ubhoreka khabi…. Wat a jerk…. really… so I guess every triangle is illuminati…. get a life

  20. Dawn Hunt says:

    "There we have it " he said , have what ? you got to be kidding me what a load of horse,s shit , so happy gud blessed me with a brain , get hell of the internet with yuh surpent mouth and sake of shit , and go do something good for mankind .

  21. I hope this was made to make people laugh… 😀

  22. Thumbs up this comment for ABOLISHING B.E.E

  23. You are so full of shit!

  24. this real is nauseous .

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