ANCIENT ARMOR ROYAL WAR CHEST OPENING – Siege World (Season 3 – Episode 4)


Today we open a Royal War Chest to try and get the armor of The Ancients! IP — Play.Siege.World Who wants to see more Siege World? Follow me on Twitter: …


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  1. Jamie Ryan says:

    cool vid j rome

  2. bill lewis says:

    typo in the title of this vid it should be ep 4

  3. 1.9 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I was in this, I'm the person who died to the slime!

  5. Armoury lvl 3 is not worth

  6. Ivan Tomovic says:

    After this war ends, when will the nest one start?

  7. Viktor Jarl says:

    The the paper are spells

  8. Viktor Jarl says:

    The the paper are spells

  9. Sune Larsen says:

    hey jerome noice video but can you make it little bit longer next time it will be so cool :)

  10. G Doad says:

    u do nothing on this vids :(

  11. How do I watch u live

  12. I don't think Jerome realizes how good that gear is

  13. Ryley Kirker says:

    Make longer videos

  14. Does the kit carry over to the next season??

  15. Xx Rage xX says:

    i got your book

  16. Lucas Scott says:

    Why does he set a goal for the episode and not even get close to accomplishing it? He just says that'll do it for the episode. What will do it for the episode? Doing nothing in the episode will do it?

  17. Andre Landry says:

    omg you got the achint kit ohhh

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