Ancient Warfare : Norse Vikings and Scottish Highlanders FULL DOCUMENTARIES


This Ancient Warfare Documentary shows the Vikings were remembered by their contemporaries as fierce, pagan raiders who threatened the Christian world.


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  1. Alex Lennox says:

    Regarding Scotland… The lowlanders spoke Scots not English and some highlanders and Islanders spoke Gaelic, but not all.

  2. I like to belive that the viking raids and settlement came as a response to the Frankish King Charlemagne pushing the domain of Christianity closer and closer to the Danish border infact. Its not like they didnt know Christianity excist. They attacked monasterys, not because of easy loot, but because it was a symbol of Christianity. They attacked Paris as well , and I wouldnt say thats easy loot. The Attack on Lindesfarne was in 793 and Charlemange died in 814, figthing almost up until he died.

  3. bob andson says:

    they won one battle and have been boasting about it ever since, the following year they suffered the biggest defeat in their history. another American documentary that only tells a half truth

  4. Dave Watson says:

    The scotts were and still are mighty adversaries.The single most fiercest battles of the northern vikings

  5. This originally played on TLC and was called "Ancient Warriors"

  6. Wow – how badly can so few facts be so misinterpreted and misrepresented. From the mispronunciation of Gaelic to the development and description of the schiltron, this entire episode portrays an ignorance of the Scots and their history.

  7. qwyzl says:

    how in hell do you walk around come winter bare of foot and leg with out getting frost bite?

  8. Andro A says:

    Seems like in the Highlands there was always some clash of clans going on.

  9. . says:

    Reject birth control, it's a conspiracy against the nordic, celtic tribes, reject it, pump the babies out!

  10. . says:

    If you ever go through the woods mowing over brush with no fear, you got the berserk gene, i don't fear bears, they fear me. It's all in the beard my massive beard. if you shave you're a tranny.

  11. Didn't really find it too compelling!! But! Does anyone know the name of the song the guy is singing at the start?? :)

  12. My paternal grandmother was a Campbell.

  13. Evolve Well says:

    Amazing documentary, thank you :)

  14. Socairnone says:

    When mentioning the campbells you fail to mention how they later sided with the English for gain and favour.

    Not only that, if it were not a heinous enough crime they also added treachery and betrayal. On February the 13th 1692 in the early hours of the morning whilst guests of the clan McDonald (and thereby under the Scottish laws of hospitality), the campbells did simultaneously in three seperate settlements without warning or honour in an extreme act of cowardice set upon and butcher the MacDonalds as they slept.

    38 men were killed that night plus women and children, another 40 died of exposure as it was the middle of winter and their homes had been razed.

    This under the pretence that it was fair punishment for the MacDonalds for failing to pledge allegience quickly enough to the English King and and Queen William and Mary..

    They would have been rewarded by the English for this but their motivation was more likely the opportunity to butcher their near neighbours rob them of all they had and seize their lands.

    This infamous incident is known as the Massacre of Glencoe.

    Because of it even today some Scottish people will not offer assistance or shelter to campbells who are still regarded by some even today as having no honour. There is no greater insult than that.

    When I was at school I was appointed a new form teacher by the name of campbell my mother took me out of school and did not let me attend until I was moved to another form and guaranteed I would never have that teacher for a lesson. The Head teacher put up no argument. Which says a lot about the regard of some for campbells.

    I would not piss on one if it were on fire.

  15. Tyrander165 says:

    It's always a good idea to use your expensive, sharp, two handed claymore as a walking stick when crossing rocky rivers.

  16. SparkyBTMP says:

    Bastard campbells….

  17. Todd Carter says:

    I Feel like a Viking.

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