Ancient Warfare : Shinobi Ninjas and Kung Fu Shaolin Monks FULL DOCUMENTARIES


This Ancient Warfare Documentary shows the the Ninja were respected for their stealth and cunning manners, were considered the most devious and feared …


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  1. if your a ninja than i'm a samurai

  2. Oscar Malisz says:

    I don't even bother reading comment sections anymore cos I just know its full of idiots arguing

  3. You forgot the part where they shoot fireballs out of their mouths and create clones! Thumbs down.

  4. Marc Risa says:

    I would say the way of the Ninja can be seen in modern military special forces just an opinion.

  5. peedinkus says:

    This is not a "documentary".

  6. cr2zybadger says:

    why would there not be a stance called "the man"

  7. Alas no Ninjitsu schools near my neck of the woods

  8. if your wife forces you to take out a million dollar life insurance, watchout for she has become a modern day ninja. Do not close your eyes when you sleep, my friend.

  9. KrushKingdom says:

    "impregnated with antiseptic"

  10. 서원준 says:

    On 5:23 map is incorrect not sea of japan the East sea

  11. StrikesBack says:

    Time to slap some water

  12. Yeah no way that fucking water on the head leak in celing shit xD not a chance.

  13. Yan Month says:

    the vedio are stupid .ninja are orgin of China.

  14. Isaac Self says:

    Hissatsu Hyōsō!

  15. soslothful says:

    The ninja open sequence with the faux rain was very hokey.

  16. Kylon Watson says:

    "shurinken"  not shakin "shurinken"

  17. its not called ninjutsu, its ninpo-taijutsu

  18. If people knew everything about ninja, they wouldn't be ninja.

  19. Obito Uchiha says:

    I know how to do the seven star fist

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