Ann Coulter tells horror story: ‘My friend’s sister died today because of Obamacare’


When pressed on the negative impact Obamacare is having on average folks, Democrats choose to focus on those who are being helped by the healthcare law.

But conservative pundit and author Ann Coulter highlighted just how devastating the impact can be in a recent appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

Ann Coulter tells horror story ‘My friend’s sister died today because of Obamacare’

“This does have real world consequences: I got up the other morning and got an email from a friend saying, ‘My sister almost died because of Obamacare,’” Coulter told host Tucker Carlson.

Coulter said the friend’s sister lost her coverage when Blue Shield pulled out of California because of Obamacare. Despite running a fever, the woman did not go to the emergency room because she had no insurance, until she went into septic shock.

As Coulter explained, her friend later called to say her sister passed away over the weekend.

“That is completely shocking,” Carlson said.

“But it isn’t,” Coulter replied. “It’s expected. We knew this would happen. It’s a horrible story, and people need to know about these stories. I emailed her and asked her if I could tweet this, and she said, ‘Julie would be very happy for you to tweet this.’”

H/T Independent Journal Review

The best-selling author took to Twitter to further draw attention to the negative impact of Obamacare, and supporters were quick to weigh in with their thoughts on the matter:

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  1. aj weishar says:

    Give this story two days and the truth will come out. My first question is why the deceased sister didn’t replace her Blue Cross with another plan? There are plenty that offer equal coverage at a much lower rate. The next question is why didn’t the sister visit a hospital that takes uninsured patients? Finally, why didn’t the friend ask Coulter for a loan to pay the ER expense. Ann has enough money to buy a hospital. That said, if they were such good friends, why didn’t Ann do anything to help before she died?

  2. 5 War Veteran says:

    Coulter is a witch with a capital B. If she opens her mouth she is automatically lying. Surely you know that by now?

    What an odd statement from a fellow who claims not to be an American.

  3. 5 War Veteran says:

    Would it be inappropriate to suggest that the pain and suffering be taken out of Obama and his responsible cronies hides?

  4. archie1954 says:

    Coulter is a witch with a capital B. If she opens her mouth she is automatically lying. Surely you know that by now?

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