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  1. Yuk Foo says:


  2. Carl Mills says:

    philosophy poetry is piece of piss, more to me meets the eye, who knows maybe I was modern day tesla or philosopher or more or all, this is my time to leave this behind, but I don't know who invented the suspension cable lift system from earth to space but..I say this is was 10 I dreampt I designed this system and 1 was built in each country worldwide and in that dream I was in charge of the movement of moving mankind to safety, civilians housed in technology jet propelled containers split into different directions to different world's, now bare in mind this was a dream tesla style, evaluation dream! but I was told recently this was thought of 100 years ago…? but seen it in the new COD…wow like they say great minds think alike…this was dream that could solve everything even dispersion of human wastes and trashes to work or escape…damn I was I was raised in family that had my interest i think I could been important…peace out Defcon/Anonymous big love

  3. Anonymous what do u have to say about poddlecorp what are you guys planning wig them or are you not doing anything I'm just wondering

  4. Lochen Dude says:

    You brag about what you are doing, but girls and women in the free world are still being beaten and raped. Fucking DO SOMETHING!!!! Tell me a better truth.

  5. Lochen Dude says:

    Stop sucking your own dicks and do something about IS. Or maybe you are posers.

  6. anonymous will not show them selfs these are just members that do nothing but support us we will never reveal our true selfs think before you speak ….we are anonymous we are legion we do not forget we do not for give….

  7. let's make 9/11 national George Walker bush day.

  8. Vitamin D free zone lol

  9. Lm Ao says:

    I've never seen so many neckbeards in the same room

  10. You guys should look into john lang case who was murdered by corrupt police

  11. i feel bad for all the hookers, this is probably the only time these fat nerds first time and shit lol the hookers are probably more like babysitters

  12. GamingNews says:


  13. Rat way says:

    Leroy Jenkins "The Rat" is very pleased with your response.. hopefully we may talk in the near future 🙂 for the announcement did say not knowing is the best way to learn

  14. What was that thing he was using as a mini flamer?

  15. is it against anonymous code to become a phantom thief

  16. netslave says:

    hahaha 13.30 that got your thumbs up hahhaa,

  17. Is it possible to copy electronic money and nobody notices? and if so, could it cause a financial crash? Also i guess its unavoidable that most of the history of hacking/computing remains hidden, but it is so sad.

  18. Why does "anonymous" print sexy pictures of clinton?

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