Anonymous – Donald Trump Finally EXPOSES George Soros!


Anonymous – Donald Trump Finally EXPOSES George Soros! JOIN US: – Connect with Anonymous – Subscribe …


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  1. M M says:

    Soros is a domestic and international terrorist. Antes dead or alive in Russia.

  2. Hang all those bastards

  3. There are many Anons I love, individuals I trust. Anyone can throw up a mask and become anonymous, but not every one of them is Anonymous. Those condemning Anonymous for supporting Trump should keep in mind one thing; everyone has the right to be anonymous. There are no leaders, only ideas. If the people support Trump, Anonymous as a reflection of the people will also. This doesn't come as a surprise to me.

  4. Lewis J says:

    Ahhh goys whay are you supporting Trump ? He is a racist, sexist, xenophobe goy. I gots muh PhD in victomology from Stanford yo so I'm educated as fuk. I can't stand losing so Imma attack peeps and racists who support Trump. I love liberalism goys. Yay for equality.

  5. Reverend Fry says:

    Solar Cycle 25 is going to solve all of this horseshit.

  6. Nick meisner says:

    you know if you reverse edit the footage its a guy in a V mask in a hoodie behind a green screen, and its a teenage girl . . .

  7. Colin Parker says:

    You need to provide an edited video to make more impact

  8. James Hunt says:

    Ya know, Trump hasn't turned out to be as bad as I thought so far…..

  9. Mr ANoys says:

    anonymous please hack enity 303. Player are tired of them

  10. mav1634 says:

    LMAO This CUNT is talking about George Soros (JEW), who is part of the global Zionists funding ISRAHEL, yet is for ISRAEL??? HAHAHAHAHAHA What a JOKE of a channel used to confuse the people even more. GOODSHOW, but fuck off!

  11. Что-то тут не так…

  12. malipayon is says:

    you are anonymous i'm malipayon is

  13. Joe Debnis says:

    all this does is give him an excuse to go off along with the other elites underground please he isn't worried bout none of this and he is with the other elites right on target even when you think they are taking him down its ruse do you not see nothing works or doesn't has been figured out and been planned to under any situation it will be no

  14. cries4hawk says:

    Cyrus the Great (c. 600 or 576 – 530 BC) figures in the Hebrew Bible as the patron and deliverer of the Jews. He is mentioned 23 times by name and alluded to several times more.[1] From these statements it appears that Cyrus the Great, king of Persia, was the monarch under whom the Babylonian captivity ended, for according to the Bible, in the first year of his reign he was prompted by God to make a decree that the Temple in Jerusalem should be rebuilt and that such Jews as cared to might return to their land for this purpose. Moreover, he showed his interest in the project by sending back with them the sacred vessels which had been taken from the First Temple and a considerable sum of money with which to buy building materials. The existence of the decree has been challenged

  15. sounds like anonymous is on donald trump side

  16. sounds like anonymous is on donald trump side

  17. Harley Perez says:

    You are choosing sides Anonymous wtf is this

  18. All aboard the Trump train toot toot

  19. 川路義秀 says:

    Please also be able to see subtitles in Japanese.

  20. death to the iluminati
    death to the power famalys
    rothchields must all fall

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