‘Anonymous’ hacks Mossad website, gains access to data of 30,000 spies

The Anonymous hacking group says it has hacked into the website of Israel‘s Mossad spy agency, gaining access to top-secret documents.

‘Anonymous’ hacks Mossad website, gains access to data of 30,000 spies

The Internet hacking group said on its twitter page that it gained access to the personal data of more than 30,000 Israeli officials, including military officials, politicians and Mossad agents, and that it will release the information gradually.

Hacking group Anonymous has launched a series of cyber attacks against Israeli websites since November 2012 in retaliation for Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.

Anonymous said it had launched the OpIsrael campaign following threats by Tel Aviv to cut all Gaza’s telecommunication links.

OpIsrael campaign aims at wiping Israel off the cyber world by April 7.

Shortly after the pro-Palestinian campaign was launched, dozens of Israeli websites were defaced or attacked.

Source: presstv

Many of the sites had their homepages replaced with messages in support of Hamas and the Palestinians.

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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    Imagine the revelations, hey lets get back to their involvement in 9/11.

    When people realize that these people were pushed out of every country they have ever been allowed in for committing the same acts in other ways. Even Germany the people of the Earth will be sickened and their acts might end.

    Child murder for sacrifice, child abuse sanctioned by the religious elite, the raping of children and genocide.

    It is just a matter of time before the truth is fully revealed.

    Read the Talmud.

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