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  1. Holyman666 ? says:

    Receive the mark of the beast and be loaded down with much Honor.

  2. you will know them by their fruit,,,,

  3. this tells me all I need to know. you do zero research, you 12 year old dumbfuck.

  4. ə/?_/¡!¡_?/e
    You All Family
    Love Ya All
    |_?/e _0/E

  5. Lori Brannon says:

    so confused every other video has you guys loving him surely if there were issues you all would have eluded to them before now

  6. Andrea F. says:

    sometimes I am more suspicious of the Saudi princes to be behind the illuminati that of the Jews.
    to become a member of Illuminati.iam you are required to have a twitter account, Twitter is owned in its majority by the Saudi princes and Twitter is taking down any post that is against Muslims.
    there is also the UN thing. always ruling against Israel and defending the rights of the Muslims refugees rather than those rights of the minorities Christians in Muslim countries.
    you can also check the relationship between the Saudis and the globalists elites.
    just give that a thought.

  7. Donald Trump just bought us time. He has his own goals. What is your goal? What is yours perspective for the future?

  8. we mush watch hoe Donald uses his new power either to help the people that elected him or follow the continuum of distortion humanity.

  9. Robert Brown says:

    Wow! There must be a lot of white Christian heterosexual men in America, if they were the ones that are responsible for electing trump into office. So out of almost 300 million people, there must be over 150 million white Christian heterosexual men in America. I call bullshit on that fact. Seems like other demographics would have to have voted in trump as well. Something for race baiters to think about.

  10. Sanchez says:

    Trump is the lying king.

  11. Alan Davis says:

    Donald Trump is going to stick to his word.
    It's going to be a battle, but he has placed the right people in the right places.
    He has already done more than Obama and he isn't in office yet.
    the bull sh*t of starting war is nonsense. Donald Trump is a very brilliant man and knows how to negotiate with powerful men.
    for America to be great again it's starts at the top, but trickels all the way back to our home. We as American citizens have to learn how to treat others the same way we want to be treated. if one cannot discipline his/herself to make the first move… nothing will change.

  12. the very fact that so many hate him, makes me think he's out to do good for the country. Everyone loved Obama and look what we got for that. "if the world loves you, then me and my father ain't in you."

  13. Jean Kwon says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. God bless you all! Please visit my youtube channel, enjoy and Believe. Thanks.

  14. I'm just hoping Trump does a good job and Trump tell CNN and the mainstream media to go fuck themselves I think people need to give him a chance before they rip on him I think you might do a great job and I think that's what the country needs right now he's going to make Obama look like dogshit and I'm not saying that to be mean he's not going to overspend he's going to think before he acts in the finance sector

  15. E Pearson says:

    Seriously? What is this? You have discredited yourself with your "JEWS" comment. And Trump is NOT illuminati. The entire elite is boycotting his inauguration.

  16. E Pearson says:

    WOW. YOU SOUND MORE LIKE THE KKK than anonymous.

  17. Jonjam J says:

    its just a point of which devil you want.i prefer. donald

  18. silver Sun says:

    I believe there are Higher Forces at work who are disgusted at what the globalists have done to Earth and Humanity. They have enlisted Enlightened Leaders to help "drain the swamp" worldwide. Both Trump and Putin are part of this Higher Cause. They understand the globalists, and that is why they will succeed against them. The Good Leaders of our world still need our support and Prayers, for they act on behalf of all of us.

  19. it's the zionists not the Jewish people

  20. There's a method in Mr D President Trump madness

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