Anonymous – Putin EXPOSES World War 3 Plan 2016


Anonymous – Putin EXPOSES World War 3 Plan 2016 Join us : Subscribe – Putin’s warning …


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  1. Tony Tyler says:

    I trust putin alot more than any of the politicians here in the usa at this point.. sad to say.. my government here in the usa have become the thugs..

  2. Serge Sam says:


  3. John Tempel says:

    cnn are the rapist for the clintons….

  4. +Valken Don't disagree. I think we need to find a way to just pack up in the middle east and get out. We need everybody who doesn't live there to get out. No more arms sales, no more boots on the ground, no more military advisors, no more no fly zones and no more drone strikes. Unfortunately if we do that the refugee situation will become more then any country can deal with and Iran, the oil states and Israel will get arms and keep fighting

  5. randy beard says:

    Obummer is getting reading for his 72 Virgins, of course they will all be men like Michael, I'm sorry Michele…

  6. randy beard says:

    Hopefully the Aliens-the Watchers that both Russia and America know Exist will not Allow a Nuclear War to Happen???

  7. Kevin Sexton says:

    Lower the oil prices then you have no money that's the USA for you lol you need to modernise everything it's coming ?

  8. vote for the green party.

  9. E I N S says:

    Putin is fooling you all, he starts WW3 and wants you to think Obama did. He's smart, too bad 80% of the population of Earth is freaking dumb as a goat

  10. When you dont have a lot of money to waste, you dont educate stupid people to do stupid things. You can be sure they have some good stuff

  11. Tracy Dee says:

    this isn't a new video.

  12. We are reliving 1970's style Pravda. (For those with a sense of history)

    Donald Trump is risking everything – the entire system is totally
    corrupt. I admire Trump's courage and his commitment to attempting to
    help save America from this filth.

    Please pray for Trump, his family and that he stays steadfast. Sadly, I believe this is the last hope for the America we knew.

    I am a Black American, saved by the Grace of God through Christ who is praying for this nation. God will not interfere in the free will of man. If the nation chooses evil, pray that his believers have the courage to endure persecution which is sure to come

    I am grateful to God through Christ for the ability to share my faith today, Tomorrow there may be a greater price to pay for this privilege.

  13. CaTz MeOw says:

    I'd cry…of joy if America got nuked.

  14. Star Rising says:

    Please send a message to Russia, that the people of America want peace more than anything. We respect Putin and his commitment to his country and people. We desire to have a president who will do the same for us and answer our call for international peace. I believe Trump will do that for us. Please help us, and don't make it worse.

  15. Truth 101 says:

    Mr. Putin, the American people do NOT want to harm Russia. Americans just want to live in peace. America does not wish harm against Russia and its people. PEACE TO YOU.

  16. Truth 101 says:

    America would have no intention on launching Nuclear weapons against Russia. Sounds like Putin is creating false fear under false pretenses in order to ARM and become more aggressive for some reason.

    Just stop the nonsense! PEACE TO THE WORLD! STOP THE DANG FIGHTING! Life is SHORT! Enjoy it!

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