This video examines the terrorist group called ISIS and also explores methods on how to defeat this network of extremist militants .


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  1. TheMartinns says:

    Russian motherfuckers !! Only russia can sell ? 
    The russia shit is a saint ! The Russian weaponry is very bad, poor quality.

  2. that Assad guy sounds funny when he talks ha ha

  3. World war 2 was suppose to remind us about the consequences of ww3.

  4. Stan Dalby says:

    Odumbo said if he felt American lives was in danger why hasn't he attacked Israel for their crimes murders against US citizens ? 

  5. Mic Doyle says:

    lol i noticed that when the U.S bombed that artillery emplacement that those troops manning it slowly moved away from it before the strike, they must have some good damn intel happening there!

  6. scary and crazy; Next episode please! Something on how we turn the road to stop it!

    road to stop the craziness

  7. henk visser says:

    my penis is bigger then the US

  8. su lambo says:

    Obama you are lying… You do not care about your Soilders… You dont care that you used them as puppets in Iraq… And no, you should not always throw oil on the fire sometimes it's okay to sit back, and be humble you are a government of instigators….

  9. Protofl3X says:

    we need a uprising

  10. Protofl3X says:

    its funny they take the piss out of these people isnt it ………… -_- look closer to home its the american goverment that made ISIS and funded them with most of there weapons

  11. Amarican proxys on one side The Amarican President on the other?

  12. Hollywood at its best , actors, deceivers. do not give them a reason for a police state !!!! keep the peace, love all. help all. share , care and above all LOVE not wars….yes love, love your neighbor, don't rebel. don't stoop to their lvl .. Never , never hurt anyone , but love all. army of love is not of god, god does not ask man to wage war, but rather to wage love

  13. Was American Captain Heather Cole really fired for not granting nuclear codes for a nuclear launch on Russia (federation), which Obama commanded? I

  14. Messias G. says:

    in the bible you will hear about a lot of countries but not usa that is the most 'powerful country' this generation because usa will go down with all his power and force like he never existed because they opened the door for satan and God's wrath will punish them for that mistake.

  15. Moses A says:

    Just to let you all know that Jesus is real and He gives true joy and peace, nothing like the world can offer. He does truly love you. Why not give Him a chance to prove that He is indeed real?

    2 minutes can change your this life and eternity..just 2 minutes!!!

    All you need to do is go to your room, be on your knees or sit or stand whichever is comfortable, and just tell – "O Lord Jesus, if you are real, if there is a true living God, please do reveal yourselves unto me. I would like to know you. I leave it to you now to reveal yourself unto me. Thank you Jesus"
    That's it. Just say this with all your heart.

    Your life will never be the same again, trust me. Please I plead, intreat, beg..just give God a chance ONCE and then leave it. If nothing does happen, all you have lost is 2 minutes of your life! Please..

  16. It's no secret America has always had examines terror groups that also explore methods on how to defeat networks of other militant extremists in America and Communities and Government. Let's keep it real. In America mainstream media lies have manipulated them for Year's. Notice how Americans always talk about other Nations but, never their own back yard. WAKE-UP!

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